Vitamin C Benefits, Source, Deficiency Diseases

Vitamin C General Knowledge Article

Vitamin C (Chemical Name: Ascorbic Acid)

Vitamin C benefits the body by holding cells together through collagen synthesis;collagen is a connective tissue that holds muscles, bones, and other tissues together. Vitamin C also aids in wound healing, bone and tooth formation, strengthening blood vessel walls, improving immune system function, increasing absorption and utilization of iron, and acting as an antioxidant

Food Source of Vitamin C: Consuming vitamin C-rich foods is the best method to ensure an adequate intake of this vitamin. While many common plant foods contain vitamin C, the best sources are citrus fruits.

Deficiency Diseases from Vitamin C : Scurvy, causing a loss of collagen strength throughout the body. Loss of collagen results in loose teeth, bleeding and swollen gums, and improper wound healing.