What Are Nouns?

A noun is a special kind of word, called a ‘part of speech.’ Nouns are words that name a person, place, thing, or idea. Here are some examples of nouns. ‘Girl’ and ‘boy’ are words that name people. ‘Doctor,’ ‘fireman,’ and ‘artist’ are nouns, too. This artist is a penguin. ‘Penguin’ is also a noun! Nouns can also name places. ‘Playground’ and ‘park’ are nouns that name places. Words like ‘country’ and ‘state’ name places, too. There are many, many words to name the things that are around us. Anything you can touch, see, hold, or feel is a noun – a type of noun called a ‘concrete noun.’ Finally, there are nouns for ideas. These are a little trickier to understand, as we can’t see or touch them, but even though we can’t touch them we still need names for things like love, honesty, and happiness. These are called ‘abstract nouns.’ Nouns can be singular as if there is only one dog, or they can be plural if there are several dogs.

The difference between common nouns and proper nouns. Common nouns are nouns that are general or could belong to more than one item. Baby is a common noun. This is a baby, and this is a baby. But these babies have proper names. If I say that this baby is named Ethan and this baby is named Emma, those are the proper nouns that name each specific baby. Proper nouns are special. We show that they are special by always using capital letters for proper nouns. Let’s look at some more examples of common and proper nouns! I hope this article helped you to understand what a noun is, and learn the difference between a few of the types of nouns.