What causes Swelling?

Why Do Our Bodies Swell when injured?

Swelling or edema usually occurs when. Tiny blood vessels leak fluids into the surrounding tissues. Some causes of edema are as follows. Firstly, our liver releases a protein called albumin into the bloodstream. Albumin keeps fluids from leaking out of the blood vessels. However, in a serious liver condition called cirrhosis. It cannot produce enough albumin. Without albumin, our body can’t prevent fluids from leaking. Thus causing swelling. Secondly, in nephrotic syndrome. The filtering parts of kidneys called glomeruli to get damaged. Causing excess loss of proteins like albumin, thus leading to swelling. Thirdly, a growing uterus can put pressure on the veins. Present in the legs of pregnant women, causing blood to pool. Gradually forcing fluids to leak, and thus causing swelling. However, not all swelling is bad because of an infection. Excess fluids and immune cells reach the infected site to fight germs. This can also cause swelling, but in this case, it is good for our bodies.