What Is Acupressure?

What is the science behind acupressure?

It’s not a science dude. It’s geography. No. Acupressure emerged from Traditional Chinese Medicine theory. The theory states there are about 12 major meridians or channels in our body. Vital energy or life force called qi flows through these channels. And a block in the flow leads to discomfort, pain or diseases. Hence, to release the blockages. Practitioners apply pressure on specific acupoints. Present along the channels to promote healing. Although it is not proved yet, experts say that acupressure does reduce pain. How? When we eat painkillers, they stimulate specific pathways in the brain. Helping reduce pain. According to experts, the force on acupoints does the same. In addition to this, a study on rats showed that. Acupressure actually reduced the activity in their brain’s stress pathways. So, in humans, it might work in a similar manner. However, many other experts think that it is just a placebo effect.