What is SDK?: Software Development Kit

SDK tutorial for beginners.

Let us start with an introduction to SDK. An SDK is a set of software APIs, libraries frameworks, tools and documentation. An SDK allows developers to write custom applications easily. SDKs exist for platforms such as hardware (like embedded processors), operating system (for example, Windows 10 SDK for writing Windows 10 apps), software frameworks and software packages. Developers can use SDKs to implement functionalities like advertisements and data analytics easily. If developers do not want to write everything from scratch, they have to use one or more SDKs to write programs.

Numerous SDKs are free. They are downloadable free from the internet, but some are commercial. The commercial ones are downloadable from SDK marketplaces. Next, SDK components. These include Integrated Development environment (or IDE), IDEs typically contain source code editor, file management, debugger, data structure browsers, compiler or interpreter and repository version control, client. APIs, meaning the specification for calling methods and software libraries which are pre-built classes and methods. And documentation including code snippets, usage notes, sample programs and tutorials. Now, let us see some SDK examples. JDK is the Java Development Kit. It is a very popular SDK. It is a java implementation for Windows, Solaris, Linux and Mac OS10 operating systems. JDK components include the Java compiler, Java documentation generator, complete JRE (meaning Java Runtime Environment), monitoring tools and many other components.

Android SDK. Developers can write mobile applications for the Android platform by using the Android SDK. Its components include libraries, handset emulator and debugger. Developers can choose to use Android Studio which is the official IDE for Android. And contains code editor, debugger and build and deploy tools. Instead of Android Studio, developers can choose basic Android command-line tools. Apache Flex. Apache Flex is an open-source framework to allow developers to write mobile web and desktop applications. Apache Flex SDK can be used to write interactive and expressive applications. It has all the tools to write applications except an IDE. Eclipse or IntelliJ IDEA can be used as IDEs. Now, in this SDK video, we saw what is SDK, SDK software components and some examples of popular SDKs in a nutshell. Developers should use SDK programming to benefit from the built-in access to resources and software libraries that are available in SDKs.