What's the best way to study for an exam?


Always aim for the top grade. If you put in the right effort and you fail to get the top grade, you will get the second top grade – but you are still on top.”

Champion athletes set their goals before they go into a tournament. Some aim for a certain time to run or swim, while another aims for a certain weight to lift. They think and dream about their goals. A few write them on a paper and stick that on the wall in their bedroom. It is the last thing they see before going to sleep, and the first thing they see when waking up.

Best way to study for an exam

Study with pen and paper

The best way to study for a test or exam is to work with a pen and paper. Attempting to memorise details from notes is not as effective as writing brief notes on a piece of paper, or in a notebook used solely for revision.

Summarise notes

Summarise chunks of notes into bits that you can easily remember. In summarising you are applying a number of skills: reading, comprehending, analysing, re-organising and writing. 

Draw diagrams

Draw diagrams to summarise concepts also, as “a picture paints a thousand words”. In Science a good diagram can summarise the concepts of photosynthesis or water cycle and better impress the concepts in your mind. A graph may also show concepts better.

Spend sufficient time

In subjects that involve a lot of calculations – like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Accounting, Economics and Engineering – you must do as many exercises – possibly spend one hour a day for each of them.