What’s the difference Between Curd vs Yogurt vs Probiotic Yogurt


What’s the difference between probiotic yogurt and regular curd

People are often confused about the difference between Curd and Yogurt. And many people have their own theory about Curd being this or Yogurt being that. And that wasn’t enough because now we even get a Probiotic Yogurt in the market. It’s an interesting fact that a lot of people think that Curd is an English word for “Dahi” whereas the Americans call curd as Yogurt. Which is incorrect. A lot of people say so because as the curd thickens the thick Curd is called Yogurt. Which is also not correct. So, actually what is the difference between Curd, Yogurt, and Probiotic Yogurt? Well! There is a very simple difference which I will tell you now. Before knowing the difference between them you should know that how is the Curd made? And what is the reason behind its formation? Fermenting Curd is very simple.

Which is more healthy curd or yogurt?

“Dahi” or Curd is fermented by first boiling Milk and cooling it down and when it gets lukewarm around 30-40° Celsius. Inside that, you put some Curd. When you put the Curd, actually what you do Lactic Acid Bacteria that is Lacto Bacillus the bacteria in that Curd is introduced into the Milk. Due to which, inside the lukewarm milk this bacteria multiplies and ferments the entire Milk. And in only a few hours we get Curd from that Milk. This was Curd. Now Curd, Yogurt and Probiotic Yogurt are also made like this but This bacteria in the Curd, when it reaches our intestines alive. Then only we benefit from it. And this particular fact which I just told you is the main difference between Curd, Yogurt, and Probiotic Yogurt. Look, the curd we have as I told you Lacto Bacillus Bacteria which is already in the curd. Now we don’t know how strong or good that is. That’s why at times the Curd is not that good. Or it didn’t ferment nicely. That happens because of the quality of bacteria. And this bacteria is good bacteria. When this is not good the Curd is not good.

Now, Yogurt is made in the same manner but in this, you put 2 specific strains of bacteria which is called Lactobacillus Bulgaris and Streptococcus Thermophilus. I know the names are very confusing and you don’t have to remember them also. Because these two specific strains of bacteria are which the scientists, researchers, or the companies grow especially in their labs. And these are good bacterias which benefit our health. And when these people use these bacterias to make Curd due to which the Milk ferments and form Curd. They add a specific quantity and a specific good quality of bacteria due which the curd in which these live organisms exist, when we consume that then till our intestines it reaches alive. And when it reaches alive to our intestines it keeps it healthy and is beneficial in our digestion too. Now.

We come to Probiotic Yogurt. Whether it is a Probiotic Yogurt, drink, or Milk Before knowing that you should know what is Probiotic. Probiotic is a specific strain of live bacteria. This live Bacteria, this particular bacteria is very resistant and strong. And the things that it resists are the Gastric juices inside our bodies, or Bile, or Pancreatic Juices. All these juices and acids which acts over the food we eat. This resists these and still stays alive. And because it stays alive and reaches the intestines it keeps our intestines or our gut healthy and keeps us healthy. So, this is Probiotics. Now, this live organism when added in specific quality and specific quantity in something that is called Probiotic just like Probiotic Yogurt, Probiotic Milk, or Probiotic drink. So this is the difference between Curd, Yogurt, and Probiotic Yogurt.