Wheatgrass Powder Incredible Benefits for Weight Loss and Skin

The health benefits and uses of wheatgrass powder.

1. Wheatgrass powder is made from the dried leaves of the common wheat plant known as Triticum aestivum. This is grown in most countries all over the world.

2. This powder has become very popular in recent years as it contains some fantastic nutrients which benefit the human body.

3. It contains a rich source of chlorophyll. This is a natural liver cleanser which gets rid of toxins in the body.

4. This also strengthens the blood, reduces free radical damage and causes you to have higher energy levels. This is excellent for those who feel sleepy constantly.

5. Wheatgrass powder also contains digestive enzymes, which help the body to break down and absorb more nutrients from the food we eat.

6. Anaemia is a common problem nowadays with many who suffer from a lack of iron in their blood. Wheatgrass is a rich source of iron, which is more easily absorbed than supplement tablets.

7. Wheatgrass is also the original antiseptic which was used over 5000 years ago. This powder can be mixed with water and used to treat cuts, stings, bites, rashes, burns and razor burns.

8. By drinking wheatgrass water regularly, you can improve your night time vision, and many people have said this has improved day time vision impairments too.

9. Wheatgrass contains all of the essential amino acids which the body needs to function properly, making it a fantastic health booster.

10. This is also rich in antioxidants, minerals and essential fatty acids. These properties have caused this powder to be considered a superfood.

11. Wheatgrass oxygenates the body and makes it more resistant to diseases and infections. The nutrients strengthen the immune system and halt the growth of unfriendly bacteria.

12. Couples who wish to have a baby can both drink wheatgrass powder shots on a daily basis to balance their hormone levels and increase fertility.

13. You can purchase this from health food stores or online in fresh, powdered or capsule form. You can also purchase seeds and grow this easily at home indoors in any old container.

14. This is one of the cheapest yet healthiest methods of improving your health without using supplements. Simply take 1 teaspoon of wheatgrass powder and mix this with a small amount of water. Drink this as a shot once per day to boost your health. It is best to drink this on an empty stomach in the morning.

15. Alternatively, we recommend blending this into your freshly made juices or smoothies at home. This makes it taste much better.

16. Wheatgrass powder has properties which cause it to regulate glucose levels in the blood. This can be very beneficial for those who suffer from diabetes.

17. If you struggle to sleep through the night or find it difficult to fall asleep, this remedy will help. It contains magnesium which is an antidote to stress and insomnia.

18. The B-complex vitamins within also boost the mood making you feel more positive and upbeat. Vitamin deficiencies are one of the main causes of depression and anxiety.

19. The chlorophyll in wheatgrass also prevents gum disease by eliminating bacteria on the teeth and gums and bringing down the inflammation. Simply mix 1/4 teaspoon of wheatgrass with water in a shot glass. Brush your teeth and then swish the wheatgrass juice around your mouth for 2-5 minutes. This will clear up mouth infections and strengthen the gums. The chlorophyll also helps the gums to heal.

20. The method in step fact 19 can also be used to get rid of bad breath and treat step infections in the throat, by simply gargling the mixture.

21. The powder also has properties which break down superoxide radicals in the body. This effectively slows down the ageing process, keeping you looking younger for longer.

22. The powerful dose of chlorophyll stops the growth of unfriendly bacteria, especially in the digestive system.

23. Those who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis can use wheatgrass shots to reduce the pain. Many people see results within two weeks of taking the powder on a daily basis.

24. You can massage a small amount of wheatgrass powder and water into the scalp to eliminate dandruff. Simply let this sit on the head for 10-15 minutes, twice per week.

25. Pure wheatgrass is also gluten-free so can be safely used by people who suffer from Celiac Disease.

26. Barley grass powder can also be used or mixed with wheatgrass.