Why Do People Drool in Their Sleep?

Why do we sometimes Drool in our Sleep?

There are various reasons for this. Firstly, an improper sleeping position. When we sleep on our stomach or on our side. Gravity tends to pull the saliva out of our mouth. Now, when we are unconscious in sleep, our body helps us swallow the saliva. However, if it fails to do so, the saliva leaks out, thus causing drooling. Secondly, during certain allergies, excess saliva is produced. Now, this does not prove to be a problem during the day because. We consciously swallow the saliva. However, when we are unconscious in sleep. If our body fails to swallow the excess saliva, it leads to drooling. Lastly, when our nose is blocked due to cold or flu. We open our mouth to breathe. Now, in such situations, if we sleep on our stomach or on our side. The saliva easily makes its way out of our mouth, thus causing drooling.