Why do we feel sleepy after eating and Doing Yoga?

Today’s question is… “we feel sleepy after having meals” “what should we do?” Those who feel sleepy after meals. Let’s discuss a little bit on these things today… …so that you get to know all the mistakes… …and you will be able to rectify them eventually. The very first reason is… when you practice yoga or any other exercises… that time you increase the Blood flow in your body. After that, you must take rest… by lying down in Shavasan (Corpse Pose). This is very necessary after Yoga. What will happen is, your blood flow in your body will normalise… …and calm down… … and you will feel light and you won’t feel tired the entire day. Some people don’t do this and go home directly… after doing a little bit of Yoga. What happens is, due to this the blood flow is fast for quite some time in the body… in the veins. Due to this, the body gets drained… …and gets tired. Then after taking a bath when they sit for breakfast they feel sleepy. This is the first reason.

The second reason is… maybe the Yoga is performed in a wrong sequence. like for example… it’s said that after you eat something hot, don’t eat cold thing immediately. Similarly, what type of practice you must do first… the first warmup, then stretching… and at the end, you do Pranayam (breathing exercise) however, you feel comfortable that I have to do it this way with proper method. You cannot do this that, first you do rapid exercise… then you decide to do something light like meditation etc. then again you started doing some other exercise. So please do not mix everything.

The third thing which is important is… what type of food are you consuming? If you are consuming Tamasic food… like onion, garlic etc. which bring laziness in the body. Fried food brings laziness in the body. Canned foods like Bhujiya (Indian deep-fried snack) biscuits, consuming more tea etc. Whatever foodstuffs have less or no pranic energy… which is packaged and canned… which is not fresh… that have very less pranic energy. Then obviously, when you consume such foods… then your body’s energy will also get depleted. Then you may feel that… after doing Yoga you feel sleepy.

Some people feel sleepy after eating food. The reason behind that is… when you consume a meal, the blood gets accumulated towards your stomach… …in order to digest food. And thus your brain experiences a lack of oxygen. Because of which you feel sleepy. This is quite normal… that we feel sleepy after lunch during summer. Then you can take a short nap of 30 min But if you are healthy… and if you are talking about winter, then you must not sleep in the afternoon. You must not sleep for long. Still, if you feel sleepy… then it means that… you need to take food which is not heavy. You need to take light food. A meal which gets digested very easily. If you take heavy food… which is very difficult for the stomach to digest… then definitely you will feel sleepy after that meal. Taking a short nap after consuming a meal in the afternoon is good. But, if you sleep for a long time in the afternoon then… you will get disturbed sleep at night. You won’t get sound sleep at night. So, it is better… if you are taking a nap after lunch then… take a very short nap. Wake up after a short nap… and do your work. And take a light meal, which is easy to digest. If you want to take a heavy meal… then do rigorous exercise… which will enhance your digestion and it won’t affect you… and you will be able to digest your food fast. And thus your entire body’s blood does not have to rush to the stomach to digest the food. These were some of the problems which people face often.