Writing Tips for IELTS Exam


IELTS Writing Exam Tips : This is the most challenging exam amongst all. You need the best preparation to improve your writing skills. However, with the right strategies, you can get the perfect score in the IELTS Writing Exam.

  • The best advice is to use a variety of sentence types. Use 3-5 complex sentences in your writing. But don’t make any grammatical mistake because it could affect your scores.
  • In IELTS Writing Task 2, write at least 250 words with 3-4 paragraphs. Make sure your introduction and conclusion parts should be impressing.
  • In the initial paragraph, you need to paraphrase the question. Don’t write the questions in the same words.
  • Write an overview in the IELTS Writing Task 1.
  • IELTS Writing Task 1 should be completed within 20 minutes in at least 150 words so that you can save time for Task 2.
  • Use a wide range of vocabulary. The lexical resource is another name for vocabulary. The more you showcase your knowledge of vocabulary, the more you increase your chances of getting a good score.
  • Avoid repetitive words in your essay; it is not a good sign.
  • Practice vocabulary topic-wise so that you know which words will perfectly suit your topic.
  • Read the question and instructions carefully and then write your answer. Make sure you complete all the points.
  • Write clearly so that it makes it easy for the examiner to read your answer. Obviously, you don’t want to lose your scores.