Basic Tips for ICSE Board Exam Preparation

Here are some basic tips for study in ICSE Board exams –

  • Review your syllabus.

Figure out when all of your exams will be and how much of your grade they are worth. Put these dates on your calendar or planner so they don’t sneak up on you!

  • Start as early as possible.

Always study when you have the chance, even if it is only for 15 or 20 minutes. These short study periods add up fast!

  • Pay attention in class.

Listen carefully, because teachers often give hints like “The most important thing about this topic is…”. Or they may just place emphasis on certain words and issues.

  • Take good notes.

Write down everything your teacher writes on the board or puts up in slides. Try to record as much of what the teacher says as possible.

  • Make studying a part of your habits.

Too often, it’s easy to view studying as something that only gets done at the last minute in a huge overnight cram session. Instead, try setting aside some time every day to study.

  • Review previous tests and assignments.

This is particularly helpful if the exam you’re studying for is cumulative or comprehensive, meaning it covers things you also covered earlier in the course.


Self study is definitely most important. But coaching really helps you score more ….

hope this will help you and all the best !!!