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aamras recipe


3 cups Mango (Ripe) , cut into pieces

1/4 cup Water

Sugar , optional

How to make Aamras Recipe – Ripe Mango Ras

To begin making the Aamras Recipe, roll the whole mangoes with your palms to soften them.

Peel the mango, transfer all the pulp into a mixer-jar, discarding the seed.

Along with the mango pulp in the jar, add water and adjust the sugar to your liking and depending on the sweetness of the mango.

Pulse it until smooth. Keep in fridge for some time and serve cold along with your meal.

Serve this delicious Aamras recipe along with Puri Recipe, Batata Nu Shaak and Mumbai Style Masala Khichia Churi or just enjoy it on its own for your breakfast or evening snack, and you will simply love it.

aamras recipe


3 Mangoes


2 tsp Powdered sugar



Wash the mangoes really good and dry them.

Take the mango and press it carefully from all sides.

Make the mango soft so that all the pulp will be separated from the skin of the mango.

Take a bowl.

Remove the stalk and squeeze the mango in the bowl.

Squeeze the skin and seeds of the mango really good.

Add a little water and powdered sugar.

Beat it well with wooden whisk or “ravi.”

Aamras is already.

Serve it with a dash of ghee.

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