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Holi is around the corner guys and we hope that you must have already started making ‘Gujiyas’ & done with other preparations, but if you haven’t yet, then don’t worry, we are here to list down all the possible Holi essentials for you. Do not forget to tick mark your checklist. So here we go.

Pre- Holi Essential

Skin & Hair Care Products

Holi is one of the most enjoyable festivals celebrated in India. It is filled with energy, fun, love, delight, tasty food & of course color take-off tension. Believe it or not, most of us don’t even play Holi just because color removing is a huge task. But we can’t give up the fun for it, right? A quick tip: Coconut oil is one of the safest skincare products.

Use oil on your body & hair and you will be just fine to splash in a rainbow:)

Below, we have listed some top-notch skin care products that you can apply on your hair, body & face.

1- Parachute Advanced Ayurvedic Hot Oil 400 ml with Free 90 ml Pack (Warming Coconut Hair Oil)

2- Plum grape Seed & Sea Buckthorn Glow-Restore Face Oils Blend (30ml), For Normal, Dry & Very dry skin, Vegan Skin Care

3- Life & Pursuits Organic Body Massage Oil For Dry Skin (200ml)

During Holi

If you are planning to throw a party on this Holi, then we would say- don’t just go crazy, this year go crazier! This annual festival of color & joy shouldn’t go dull, after all, on this occasion you can dance on your own beats the whole day and take no permission to paint your loved ones with the color of spring. It’s like your ‘Mini Tomorrowland’. So, order quickly these very essential Holi goods.


Your fashion may not be counted on this day, but you can be a real crowd-pleaser, kidding aside, White Kurta is a MUST on this festival or let me re-frame it this way- Is it even a Holi if you haven’t worn THE WHITE KURTA? Yes, buy it now!

1- SKAVIJ Cotton Kurta Pajama Holi Dress Set For Men

Holi Props

Who would want to miss the Big Bhang theory party on this day? Nobody, I guess! So do not forget to make this colorful day brighter by adding a little twist & more fun to it. We have sorted the simple and gorgeous props to enhance the fun. So, add them to the Holi purchasing list to not miss any form of fun.

1- Festiko Holi Photo Booth Props Holi Decoration Items for Party [11pcs] Holi Decorations, Party Decoration/Holi Photo Booth/Happy Hoil Decoration Holi Theme Prop/Holi Selfie/Holi Festive

2- Ekam Art Rajasthani Handicraft Cotton Sun Protection Umbrella (24×28-inches, Multicolour) – Pack of 10

Balloons & Pichkaris

Balloon filling can be a task on this day, so this year focus more on playing rather than filling by buying the quick balloon filler to your house and thank us later!

And do not forget to get your mini Spiderman or Ben10 his favorite water gun with huge capacity now.

1-  Zest 4 Toyz Holi Water Gun with High-Pressure Holi Pichkari with Back Holding Tank, Holi Get 100 Water Balloons Free-Tank Capacity 1.25 liters – Spiderman Little Boy Tank Red

2- Brown Leaf Magic Balloon, Water Balloons, Mix Color, Crazy Quick Fill in 60 Seconds Set of 6

Color Blasts

And here comes the Holi show-stopper & everyone’s favorite- GULAAL. Let’s just accept the fact that we all have that love-hate relationship with them. Love because they are amazing and hate because they penetrate into our beauty, but this year, build only love relationship with colors. How? By buying all organic colors, they won’t damage your skin and are very subtle. Check out and get them home soon!

1- Antarkranti Naturals Gulal Orange, Yellow, Red, Blue and Green Color Hand-Made Herbal Gulal Pack of 5 (100gm x 5)

2- Pidilite Rangeela Holi Ke Rang -4 Natural Colors, 900 g (Set of 3)

3- Double Time Colorful Smoke Rainbow Fog – Pack of 5 – Krishna Gopal for Photography for Party, Parties, Birthday, Anniversary, Holi Colors or multi-color, can be Used in of Holi Color 

4- Festiko Colorful Smoke Multicolored for Holi Festival, Photography Effect, Parties, Pre Wedding Shoot, Artificial Smoke, Baby Shower, Anniversaries and Parties, Chinese Smoke (Pack of 8pcs)

Inflatable Pool

Considering the condition of the economy and the water shortage, we advise you all to save more water this year or start by wasting less water. On this note, Instead of spilling and splashing the whole tank, bring this super cool family inflatable pool and have fun in there!

1- INTEX Inflatable Family Lounge Pool, 88x85x30-inch

Waterproof Phone Pouch

Another very important thing that you should buy, without giving a second thought to- is the waterproof phone pouch. You would not want to miss capturing the best moments or do you? Enjoy the Holi party without worrying about your phone life. This pouch will keep your phone safe while allowing you to play freely.

1- BOBO Universal Waterproof Pouch Cell phone Dry Bag Case for iPhone Xs Max XR XS X 8 7 6S 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S9 S8 + Note 8, 6, 5, 4, Pixel 3 2 XL, Mi, Moto up to 6.5 inch – Gray (Pack of 1)

Water-Resistant Flip Flops

Last, but of course not the least comes the water-resistant Flip Flops. Nobody wants to slip on the floor and hurt their butts on this day, right? These flip flops will surely keep you stable on the floor and make sure that you easily run behind your gang. On a serious note, low grip flip flops can make you fall on your nose, really.

1- Splash – Holi Limited Edition – Water Resistant, Colorful and Fun Flip Flops

2- Crocs Unisex Adult Bayaband Flip

Post- Holi Essential

Holi Gifts

We all know the Holi party is not the end, there is more to this festival. Yes, We are talking about the family gathering, gifts & wishes distribution time. No one skips this ritual! So let us help you out in selecting a sweet hamper for your relatives.

1- Ghasitaram gifts Holi sweets- healthy wheat Gujiya Box (800 g)

2- VSD Festive Special Dry Fruits Gift Basket

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