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Melissa Fumero has married the beautiful man who sweeps Mariah Carey off her feet at the conclusion of her “Honey” video. And, like everyone else at the time, she developed a crush on David Fumero when the video was released. But, despite having a crush on him for a long time, she had no clue who her now-husband was when they first began dating.

Melissa Fumero had failed to recognize her husband.

Melissa had such a crush on David that she would get enraged when she couldn’t stream him on TV. David comes at the end, and she is irritated when MTV cuts the tape by a few seconds. Despite having a huge infatuation with the actor, she refused to date actors when she reached the age of consent. In an interview with Steve Harvey in October 2017, she commented on this. Melissa revealed her “never date actor rule” to Harvey, saying, “I did have misgivings about dating an actor.” But she didn’t have a specific explanation for it.

As a result, when she first met David, she was apprehensive to go out with him. She was aware he was an actor and model, but she had no idea he was THE man from the video. Harvey, who questioned her on the subject, was taken aback. Melissa, on the other hand, reaffirmed her version of the tale. “I had no idea this was the predicament I was in,” the Brooklyn Nine-Nine actress stated, motioning to stills from the film being presented to the studio audience behind her. Harvey couldn’t believe she hadn’t recognized the guy she’d had a crush on since she was 13 until she finally met him in person.

The presenter then joked about it further, asking whether her spouse had his shirt off when she saw him, to which Melissa could only mumble. She learned she was dating her childhood sweetheart two months later during a casual talk on a date. David casually said that he was in a Mariah Carey video. Then it dawned on her. She inquired of him, “Did you appear in the Honey video? Were you on the beach at the end?” He agreed. Melissa, who was shocked and agitated by the discovery, claimed she quickly excused herself to the restroom to gather her composure. She said that when she returned from her vacation, she attempted to play it off by asking him, “How was Mariah?”

Melissa Fumero’s Married Life

Melissa married her spouse David on December 9, 2007. They have been married for over 15 years and have been together for much longer. They now have two children. On March 24, 2016, the couple had their first child, son Enzo Fumero. She described Enzo as the “sweetest face” she has ever touched while announcing his arrival on Instagram. Melissa revealed in November 2019 that she was expecting her second child. She and her husband had their second baby, Axel Fumero, on February 14, 2022. With his birth, Valentine’s Day became her favorite holiday.

Melissa’s two children provided her with two very distinct experiences. She was surrounded by her loved ones while she was with Enzo. But Axel was a plague baby. “We had so much support,” she told Parents about transitioning to parenting after her son was born. Her parents, in-laws, and friends were all helping in. Axel’s arrival, on the other hand, caused the world to come to a halt.

“David and I were absolutely on our own,” Melissa said. Adapting to a four-person family life with two children under the age of two had been “both taxing and daunting.” The actress started to like surprises. Despite the fact that she and her husband were uncertain about having children, their children were a surprise to them.

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