Details of Footprint Film Festival 2021 – Online Film Festival for Films Made by Childre

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Footprint Film Festival is accepting entries to the Second edition of the Footprint Film Festival, 2021.

Please Read the Film Festival Guidelines carefully before submitting the entry.


FESTIVAL FORMAT : This is a short film non-competitive festival and hence ONLY Short Films should be submitted. 

The entries can be short digital animation films too on the topic.


CATEGORIES: The various categories under which the films need to be submitted are – 1)  Documentary 2)  Animation 3)  Science Fiction 4)  Fiction 5) Films made on Mobile Phones

THEME: Environment and Climate change, Livelihoods, Gender, Learning and Education, Civil Rights, Art, Craft and Heritage, Peoples’ Stories, Collaboration, Wildlife, Technology.

DURATION: The films shall not be more than 10 (Ten) minutes, including the beginning and end credits. Films exceeding this time limit are liable to be rejected. The minimum length should be 1 minute including credits.

RODUCTION PERIOD:The film should have been shot / completed after 1st January, 2020.

LANGUAGE: The short films may be in their original language, but MUST be subtitled in ENGLISH. Films submitted previously to any other festival should be clearly mentioned as such. 

FILM FORMAT: The films should be in MPEG4 or AVI format. The recommended ratios are: 16:9 / 16:9 Full Height Anamorphic – in DV / HDV.

RIGHT TO SCREEN: The participants grant the organisers the non-exclusive rights to screen (non – commercial) their film / entry on their respective websites, at the festival and other associated screenings.

COPYRIGHT: The Film must not contain any copyrighted work(s) belonging to third parties unless (1) Participants have a license to use such works in the Film; or (2) the use participants’ Film makes of such works is a fair one under the copyright laws. Participants will retain any licenses and provide them to organisers upon request.

ORIGINALITY AND PERMISSIONS; INDEMNITY : Films must be the original work of the applicants. If a film is based upon another person’s life or upon a book or other underlying work, applicant(s) must secure any necessary rights to make such adaptations. However, it is not necessary to submit the adaptation rights agreements to the Festival. Neither the Festival nor its jurists investigates or attests to the authenticity of an applicant’s statement of authorship or rights secured. By entering the competition, you represent that you have secured all necessary rights.

Applicants are solely responsible for obtaining all necessary rights and permissions for third-party materials included in their films, including but not limited to music, trademarks, logos, copyrights, and other intellectual property rights. Footprint Film festival expressly disclaims all liability or responsibility for any violations of the foregoing.

Submission Deadline: 15th June 2021