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Have you passed 10th class? Do you want to become a greenhouse fitter? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, we will have an in-depth analysis of Greenhouse Fitter training program. It is a job oriented certification program.

In this post, you will find all the details that you need to know about this certification program. Here, I’ve dealt with important topics such as – training duration, eligibility, training centers, scope, syllabus, career prospects and more.

If you are about to secure admission into this program, you may collect all the details here. As I mentioned before, it is a certification program. It can be compared to a vocational training program. Like other vocational training programs, this training program also aims at developing relevant skills among candidates.

What’s this trade all about? What’s it like to become a greenhouse fitter? Will I get a good job after completing this course? You will find answers to these questions in the next section. Let us start –

Greenhouse Fitter Training: Basic Details

Before heading to the meat of the matter – greenhouse fitter training – let us check out more details about this domain. What is a greenhouse, you may ask.

In simple terms, a greenhouse is a closed structure made up of transparent materials. Its main purpose is to achieve regulated climatic conditions for growing certain plants/agricultural purposes.

Glass, plastic and other transparent materials are used to make a greenhouse. A greenhouse provides ideal climatic conditions for crops/plants.

The size and shape of a greenhouse depends upon factors such as – amount of material (plastic, glass etc) at one’s disposal, purpose of the greenhouse (gardening, hobby, large-scale cultivation etc), area available for construction etc.

Based on the above mentioned factors, a greenhouse can be a permanent, semi-permanent or temporary structure. While building a greenhouse effect, one must take care of factors such as – building material, layout, purpose, lighting, ventilation etc.

In order to perform the building task and observe the above mentioned factors, one must possess special set of skills and knowledge. That’s where greenhouse fitters come handy. Greenhouse fitters are also known as greenhouse installers.

They are responsible for overall installation of a greenhouse structure. They take note of factors such as – required structure, materials and other requirements. Based on these inputs, they plan, design and install the greenhouse structure.

Greenhouse Fitter training course will train you in the above mentioned areas. This trade falls under the category of agriculture. This certification is available across India under schemes such as – skill development missions, domain skilling programs, vocational training schemes etc.

Let us take a closer look at the course details. In the next section, you will find details such as – duration, eligibility, training centers, scope and more.

Course Details

Type of course

It is a certification program.


Since it is an informal certification program, eligibility criteria may vary from one institute to another. It could be 10th or 8th pass. Eligibility criteria depends upon factors such as – type of college and difficulty level of the course.


Training period may vary from one institute to another. It could be anywhere between 3-6 months.


Fees may vary from one institute to another. It depends upon factors such as – type of training program, course content, difficulty level, type of institute etc. Fees could be anywhere between 2 – 5K INR.


Here are some of the important subjects present in the curriculum –

  • Greenhouse technology
  • Building materials
  • Lighting
  • Cost estimation
  • Ventilation
  • Layout

Career Prospects

After completing this course, you will be able to find work at places such as – botanical gardens, gardens (commercial and others), plantations, farm houses, greenhouse farms, greenhouse repair centers etc.

In the above mentioned firms, one may don roles such as – installer, fitter, technician etc.

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