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Solar Panel Technician Course

In this post, we will deal with a vocational training course related to solar panel and solar energy systems. Here, we will have an in-depth analysis of Solar Panel Installation Technician course. It is a certification program.

Here, I’ve covered all the details that you need to know about this training program. Here, I’ve provided details such as – duration, institutes, eligibility, scope and syllabus.

First of all, I’d like to point out that it is an entry level vocational training program. It is not an advanced Degree course or anything like that. It is a certification program.

This job will help you get entry level job in solar panel installation and maintenance sector. So, if you are looking for a job and some serious skills to help you get one, this training program could be of help to you.

Let us start the analysis of this training program. Let’s kick-off by knowing what this vocational training program is all about –

Solar Panel Installation Technician: What’s this trade all about?

As the name suggests, this training program deals with solar power systems, its installation, maintenance and operation.

This trade falls under the sector of ‘energy’. This training program is being offered under different types of skill development missions and occupational standards (both National and State levels).

Photovoltaic system are being used to produce electricity from solar energy. This technology has advanced so much so that both commercial and domestic use systems have been developed.

A photovoltaic system comprises of solar panels, wiring, switch boards, storage unit (electricity), converters, stabilizers, adapters etc. In order to reap the benefits of this system, it becomes very important to install and configure it correctly.

Installing a photovoltaic system is not an easy task. One such system consists of many components such as panels, wire, meters, switches etc. For laymen, it is difficult to install such a system correctly.

This is where a trained solar panel installation technician comes handy. He/she is trained in various aspect of installing and configuring photovoltaic system.


The training duration may vary from one institute to another. The training duration depends upon factors such as level of difficulty of the course, type of course etc. On an average, it could be anywhere between 100-450 hours.


Minimum educational qualification required to pursue the course is – 8th pass. Eligibility criteria may vary from one institute to another.

Syllabus and Training Content

The course primarily focuses on practical training. The program will train you in four main areas –

  • Visiting the site and assessing the client’s requirements
  • Finding the appropriate photovoltaic system
  • Installing the system
  • Configuring the system
  • Educating client about the system
  • Ensuring safety of the system

Scope and Career Prospects

After completing this training program, you may start working for firms and agencies specializing in selling photovoltaic system. You may also work for builders and help them install and configure this system.

If you want to remain self-employed, you may start your own solar panel installation and maintenance business. You may also check – CCTV Installation Technician course.

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