Documents Required for Canada Tourist Visa from India


Here is the list of Documents required for a Canada tourist visa and proofs that you need to appear with, for the agencies to inspect while they are proving your existence for Canada tourist visas and other visas as well:

  • Your attested and valid passport is required as proof to start your immigration requirements and fulfil them.
  • A receipt as proof to show that you have paid the Canada tourist visa fees to start your valid process of the tourist visa, and you should also tell the purpose of visit and number of days.
  • You should have a clean record and no criminal offence or background will be entertained as a part of your tourist visa to Canada.
  • A medical examination is processed under which you need to pass with no medical condition, for clearing the visa requirements
  • Need Photographs and passport size photos to fill up and attach with the form are also required as your facial proof.
  • Any proof of financial support and living should be shown. It is an important Canada Tourist Visa Documents you need to get the Visa.
  • A proof that you will fly back once the tourist visa ends
  • Civil status documents to prove your identification
  • A cover letter to prove the purpose of visit to Canada as a tourist
  • A letter of invitation or provision in Canada

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