This video and article will help you to strategise on how to attempt your SBI Prelim exam

Preliminary Exam (100 Questions, 60 minutes):There will be not much change in pattern for Pre. I have listed my strategy to clear Prelims below:

English (Total 30 Questions, give 15–18 Minutes):

Cloze Test: 5Q

Para Jumbled: 5Q

Reading Comprehension: 10 Q

Double Fillers: 5 Q

Finding the errors in sentence: 5 Q

If you are weak in English then just try to clear sectional cutoff for this section, first try to attempt double fillers and cloze test(10 Q), then try to solve comprehension, if not all from comprehension try at least 4–5 questions out of 10 questions from comprehension, you can also try to 1–2 questions from Para jumbling(1st and last sentence), so in that way you are at least clear sectional cutoff in English.

Reasoning (35 Q, give 20–25 Minutes):

Inequalities: 5Q

Direction and Blood relation: 5Q

Coding decoding: 5Q

Different Puzzles: 20 Q

Do not try puzzles first, try to solve all 15 questions other than puzzles(because they are very easy) now try to go through all puzzles for some seconds and find out which one will be easier then solve it(so if you have solve correctly these 20 questions you are very close to clear it)

Quantitative Aptitude (35 Q, give 20–25 minutes):

Data interpretation: 10 Q

Series: 5 Q

Quadratic Equation: 5 Q

Miscellaneous: 10 Q

First try to solve DI, you don have to solve all 10 Q, if 2–3 questions are complex and lengthy you can left, but you can easily solve 7–8 questions from DI part. Now move to Quadratic equations then try series(which one you can solve). If you can solve above all 20 questions then you are done otherwise you can try 2–3 questions from miscellaneous part from the topic you feel comfortable(if time left).

So above was my strategy to clear Prelims, I got 51.75/100(cutoff was 47.5 for General), you can follow your own.

Remember one thing banking Exams are all about what you left instead of what you choose to solve .