Kim Jong Un Using a Body Double and Fools the World

Kim Jong Un was in news for 5 consecutive days and most of media cites his health as big concern. Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un finally reappeared last week after a gap of 20 days, cutting the ribbon at the opening of a fertilizer factory, speculation was inevitable.

But now the reports suggesting that Kim Jong Un Using a Body Double and Fools the World.

Given the fact that Kim had been mysteriously missing from the world’s eye amid the coronavirus pandemic, only to make an appearance almost a month later without any explanation has led to a number of conspiracy theories.

Former member of the British Parliament Louise Mensch is tweets that Kim’s teeth look very different in the latest appearance.

Kim Jong Un Using a Body Double

So maybe kim sent his body double to shut down all the news stories like Kim is ill. Kim is having surgery. North korea king Kim is on his deathbed. Kim is dead.