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Still, looking in the mirror and wondering when you will lose that stubborn belly fat? or dreaming of the day when you will fit in your old jeans? Sobbing over the change in your dress size from Small to Large? All this, but you still can’t give up your favourite pizza.

What if we say we have few solutions to sway away your worries? We have elucidated some widely acknowledged weight loss remedies and treatments available in Kolkata to help you get back to your smart and healthy self. Let’s explore more, shall we?

Say Goodbye To Obesity With These Techniques

That’s right! These techniques are some of the best and popular techniques for weight loss. A small alteration in your daily habit will reap results for years to come. And who wouldn’t enjoy the compliments?

Say Hello To Healthy Food

“Do you want to lose weight?” is a simple question. But do you want to be healthy, fit, active, youthful, and happy? Then this is the right time to give up on your favourite junk foods. That means “No Pizza and Burgers” and “Yes Juices, Fruits, and Salads”!

A simple change in your dietary habits will bring a visible change in your health. When the gut is healthy, the mind, body, and soul are happy.

Reducing the intake of sugar and fats and replacing them with high fibre foods, fresh fruits, and vegetables can prevent you from type 2 diabetes, heart troubles, high blood pressure, anxiety, and obesity.

A word of advice, avoid flash diets or crash dietings. Your body will be deficient in important vitamins and minerals.

Stay Active, Stay Fit

We understand the pain of leaving a cosy blanket and getting up early in the morning. We know the blissful feeling of putting off the alarm to get those beautiful extra moments of sleep. But we also believe in the wise adage, “no pain, no gain”.

Walk, jog, swim, hit the gym, or do yoga; the crux is to stay active.

If you find it difficult to give a dedicated time to physical exercise, then doing household chores, walking the dog, or taking stairs instead of elevators, you can reduce weight to some extent.

But the key to success here is continuity.

Slay The Fat With Surgery

Surgery is also one of the popular weight loss treatments in Kolkata. Bariatric surgeries are gaining popularity worldwide. It involves altering your gut hormones and changing your digestive system to limit the quantity of food you eat.

Bariatric surgery does sound like an appealing option to shed extra pounds.

Remedies With Pills

If strenuous exercises and diet plans are not enough, then consult your doctor for additional weight-loss supplements. Several herbal remedies and pills are now widely available in the market that claims to be highly effective for reducing weight in few days.

But before swallowing those pills, seek your doctor to understand the good and bad effects of such remedies.

The Verdict For Healthy Living

A healthy body is one with balanced energies of mind, body, and soul. Losing weight is not just about shedding fat or burning extra calories but is about harmonising the energies in your living system. On a macro level, it is about gaining confidence and self-esteem.

If you are serious about bringing a healthy outlook towards life, then visit, the Bariatric Clinic at ILS Salt Lake After all, we also believe your health is your wealth.

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