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Army Institute of Law B.A. LL.B Entrance Test Practice Sample paper including 40 questions from Mental Ability, General Knowledge & Current Affairs, Law Aptitude, General English. Actual AILLET Exam Question Paper has 50 questions from each these sections.

Question: As ‘Plateau’ is related a ‘Mountain’, similarly ‘Bush’ is related to what?

(a) Plants

(b) Field

(c) Forest

(d) Trees

Ans : (c)

Question: Which modern Indian historian has described the events of 1857 as “neither first nor National nor War of Independence”

(a) V. D. Savarkar

(b) Dadabhai Naoroji

(c) S. N. Sen

(d) R. C. Majumdar

Ans: (d)

Question: Introducing Kalpana, Nandita says that her mother is the only daughter of my mother. How is Nandita related to Kalpana ?

(a) Mother

(b) Sister

(c) Daughter

(d) Aunt

Ans : (a)

Question: Which plant mimics the scent and other characteristics of a female wasp to lure a male wasp of the species for its pollination?

(a) Central American Yucca

(b) Australian Orchid

(c) Indian Banyan

(d) Chinese Lily

Ans: (b)

Question: The policy of British East India Company in India during the period of 1813 – 1858 is described as:

(a) Policy of Ring Fence

(b) Policy of Annexation by Lapse

(c) Policy of Subordinate Isolation

(d) Policy of Subordinate Union

Ans: (c)

Question: If RAVE is coded as SXWB then how will SCAW be coded ?

(a) TDBO

(b) TZBK

(c) PZXK

(d) TVXK

Ans : (b)

Question: Donald sold a book at a profit of 16%. Had Donald sold it for Rs. 18 more, 20% would have been gained. Find the cost price?

(a) Rs. 540

(b) Rs. 450

(c) Rs. 350

(d) Rs. 300

Ans: (b)

Question: Name the antimicrobial substance found in tears, saliva, sweat etc.?

(a) Enzyme

(b) Lysozyme

(c) Pepsin

(d) Co-Enzyme

Ans: (b)

Question: What time zone does India fall into?


(b) GMT +5.5

(c) GMT +3.5

(d) GMT -3.5

Ans: (b)

Question: If a : b = 4 : 5 and b : c = 6 : 7, find the ratios a : c.

(a) 24 : 25

(b) 21 : 35

(c) 24 : 35

(d) 28 : 30

Ans: (c)

Question: A boy is looking for his mother. After walking 90 metres in the east he turns right and walk for 20 metres after which he turns right again and walks 30 metres to reach house of his mother’s friend. The mother was not there. From there after walking for 100 metres in the north direction, he meets the mother on a road. How far away from his original place did he meet his mother?

(a) 200 m

(b) 100 m

(c) 70 m

(d) 50

Ans: (b)

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Question: Root nodule rhizobia in legumes are an example of:

(a) Parasitism

(b) Symbiosis

(c) Predation

(d) Commensalism

Ans: (b)

Question: Find Odd One Out

(a) hour

(b) minute

(c) watch

(d) second

Ans: (c)

Directions (for next 3 questions): In each question below is given a statement followed by two conclusions numbered I and II. You have to assume everything in the statement to be true, then consider the two conclusions together and decide which of them logically follows beyond a reasonable doubt from the information given in the statement. Give answer (a) if only conclusion I follows (b) if only conclusion II follows (c) if either I or II follows (d) if neither I nor II follows, and (e) If both I and II follow


Statement- Although we have rating agencies like Crisil, ICRA, there is demand to have a separate rating agency of IT companies to protect investors.

Conclusions- I. Assessment of financial worth of IT Companies calls for separate, set of skills, insight and competencies.

II. Now the investors investing in IT companies will get protection of their investment.

Ans: (a)



Company “Y” will improve the manufacturing facilities for the production of shaving kits as a result of which capacity would increase and cost would be reduced. — A spokesperson of the Company “Y”


I. The products of Company “Y” will compete the market norms in the quality and cost factor.

II. There will be demand of shaving kits of Company “Y”.

Ans: (a)



During 1997-98 the total loss incurred by the 111 Public Sector Units was to the tune of Rs. 6809 crore which was converted into paid capitals by the Government of its total investment of Rs. 5129 crore.


I. The Government is left with only one option, that is, to privatise these units.

II. The Government did not take care in the matter of investments in these public sector units.

Ans: (d)

Question: Which of the following is associated with Marx’s economics?

(a) Theories of Surplus Value

(b) Essay on the Principle of Population

(c) On the Principles of Political Economy and Taxation

(d) Okishio’s theorem

Ans: (a)

Question: Expand the term CCI ?

(a) Competition Commission of India

(b) Coca Cola Industries

(c) Cabinet Council of India

(d) None of these

Ans: (a)

Question: Where is the painting, Mona Lisa displayed?

(a) Louvre, Paris

(b) National Gallery of London

(c) Luxembourg, Paris

(d) Orsay, Paris

Ans: (a)

Question: Synonym of CRUEL is:

(a) Dreadful

(b) Merciless

(c) Indifferent

(d) Hateful

Ans: (b)

Question: What is called plastic money ?

(a) UPI

(b) Credit Cards

(c) notes made from plastic material

(d) US Dollars

Ans: (b)

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Question: Which of the following is associated with the business of retail supply and distribution of electricity in Delhi?

(a) Delhi Power Company Ltd.

(b) BSES Yamuna Power Ltd.

(c) Delhi Transco Ltd.

(d) Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission

Ans: (b)

Question: Aristotle argued for the existence of a divine being described as?

(a) God

(b) Prime Mover

(c) The Being

(d) Spiritual Entity of Soul

Ans: (b)

Question: Synonym of EXTRAVAGANT is:

(a) Unlimited

(b) Wasteful

(c) Expensive

(d) Proud

Ans: (b)

Question: The Global Non-Violence Day was observed on which of the following days?

(a) 15th August

(b) 14th November

(c) 19th September

(d) 2nd October

Ans: (d)

Question: Which of the following events is associated with ‘Smiling Buddha’?

(a) The nuclear weapons test conducted by India in 1998.

(b) The launch of Chandrayan.

(c) The launch of PSLV-II.

(d) The nuclear weapons test conducted by India in 1974.

Ans: (d)

Question: Ahmedabad and Barodara are two cities. Sohan travels from Ahmedabad to Barodara at a speed of 15 km/hr. and returns back at the rate of 10km/ hr. Find his average speed for the whole journey?

(a) 12 km / hr

(b) 15 km / hr

(c) 18 km / hr

(d) 12 km / hr

Ans: (a)

Question: Which art movement was led by Pablo Picasso?

(a) Cubism

(b) Futurism

(c) Fauvism

(d) Impressionism

Ans: (a)

Question: On dividing the numbers 7654, 8506 and 9997 by a certain largest number, in each case the remainder is the same. Find the number and the remainder.

(a) 222

(b) 111

(c) 299

(d) 199

Ans: (d)

Question: 40 men can cut 60 trees in 8 hours. If 8 men leave the job, how many trees will be cut in 12 hours?

(a) 56 trees

(b) 64 trees

(c) 72 trees

(d) 84 trees

Ans: (c)

Question: Carl Jung, the Swiss psychologist is regarded as founder of which school of psychology?

(a) Ego psychology

(b) Cultural-historical psychology

(c) Evolutionary psychology

(d) Analytical psychology

Ans: (d)

Question: Which event led to Rabindranath Tagore’s renouncement of his knighthood?

(a) Civil Disobedience Movement

(b) Jallianwalla Bagh massacre

(c) Morley Minto Reforms

(d) Chauri Chaura

Ans: (b)

Question: 3/4 th of 1/3 rd of 4/5 th of a number is 80, find that number

(a) 300

(b) 80

(c) 14

(d) 400

Ans: (d)

Question: Which event led to a decision to provide the services of United States’ Global Positioning System (GPS) to anyone, for civilian purposes, free of charge?

(a) The series of losses of merchant ships and airplanes passing the Bermuda Triangle.

(b) The shooting down of a Korean Air Lines flight by Soviet jet interceptors.

(c) The Space Shuttle Challenger disaster.

(d) The failure of NASA’s Mars Observer mission.

Ans: (b)

Question: The sum of three consecutive even integers is 132. Find the difference between 3 times the least and 1/2 of the greatest.

(a) 44

(b) 89

(c) 144

(d) 103

Ans: (d)

Question: Which one of the following is considered a major strategic event of the 1857 Mutiny/First War of Independence?

(a) Wheeler’s entrenchment.

(b) Massacre at Sati Chaura Ghat.

(c) Bibighar massacre

(d) All of the above

Ans: (d)

Question: In which year was State of Israel admitted as a member of the United Nations:

(a) 1950

(b) 1949

(c) 1948

(d) 1952

Ans: (b)

Question: Op-Ed, with reference to a newspaper article, refers to:

(a) Opinion Editorial

(b) Opposite Editorial

(c) Opinion Educational

(d) Operative Editorial

Ans: (b)

Direction (for next 4 questions): Choose the correct form of the verb to complete the sentences.

Question: He ___ live here 10 yrs back.

(a) used to

(b) was used to

(c) is used to

(d) uses to

Ans: (a)

Question:  I _____ cold.

(a) feel

(b) feels

(c) am feeling

(d) feeling

Ans: (a)

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Question: The bank ___ at. 9’o’ clock and ____ at 18.30 everyday.

(a) is opening, is closing

(b) open, close

(c) opens, closes

(d) none of these

Ans: (c)

Question:  I am tired. I ____ to bed now

(a) is going

(b) goes

(c) go

(d) am going

Ans: (d)

Directions (next 3 questions): Choose the word which is most opposite in meaning to the given word.


(a) blasting

(b) accidental

(c) certain

(d) avoidable

Ans: (d)

Question: MYOPIA

(a) narrow-mindedness

(b) broadmindedness

(c) shortsightedness

(d) hypermetropia

Ans: (d)


(a) probable

(b) cured

(c) unworthy

(d) worthsome

Ans: (a)

Question: The Committee appointed in 1977 to study the working of Panchayati Raj institutions was under the chairmanship of

(a) Balvant Rai Mehta

(b) Ashok Mehta

(c) GVK Rao

(d) LM Singhvi

Ans: (b)

Question: The power of the President to consult the Supreme Court is under Article

(a) 132

(b) 143

(c) 136

(d) 131

Ans: (b)

Question: Which of the following is inherent in communalism

(a) Peace for all religious sects

(b) racial overtone

(c) Ethnic rivalry

(d) Antagonistic assertion in all spheres of life

Ans: (d)

Question: Under which article of the Constitution the Supreme Court of India has been established

(a) 24

(b) 124

(c) 224

(d) 231

Ans: (b)

Question: Judge of the Supreme Court can be removed from offices by

(a) Executive order

(b) Impeachment

(c) Judicial order

(d) Bureaucracy

Ans: (b)

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