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Christmas Lucky Charm cast: Sugenja Sri, Adrian Spencer, Alanna LeVierge. Christmas Lucky Charm Release Date: 20 November 2023 (UPtv). Christmas Lucky Charm Director: Amy Force. Christmas Lucky Charm is looking full of Romance. It’s the perfect time for me to finish the novel prior to watching the film I wrote the book based on it-Christmas Lucky Charm , which will air the 20th of November on UpTV!

Christmas Lucky Charm is a Canadian Romance movie (2023). Sugenja Sri, Adrian Spencer, Alanna LeVierge are the main cast of Christmas Lucky Charm (2023). Watch my appearance in this bright. Jokkoi Christmas Charm Bracelet Flexible Bracelets with Lucky String Bracelets that come with wish Card Xmas Celebration Favors and Christmas presents. Christmas Lucky Charm is premiering this Sunday at 7 pm on UPtv.

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Christmas Lucky Charm Plot:

Just as Jessica turns her attention to her unhappy relationship and vows to stop dating during the Christmas season, a gorgeous gallery owner arrives on the other side of the block.

Movie: Christmas Lucky Charm (2023)

Network: UPtv

Director: Amy Force

Writer: Jennifer Snow

Main Stars: Sugenja Sri, Adrian Spencer, Alanna LeVierge

Genre: Romance

Country: Canada

Language: English

Release Date: 20 November 2023 (UPtv)

Runtime: 1 hour 30 minutes

Also Known As: Christmas Lucky Charm, Christmas Lucky Charm Movie, Christmas Lucky Charm (2023)

Christmas Lucky Charm Cast:

Sugenja Sri As Jessica Connolly

Adrian Spencer As Mitch Jameson

Alanna LeVierge As Ally Carlisle

Ish Morris As Liam Bodle

Sonia Dhillon Tully As Frankie Connolly

Theresa Tova As Mrs. Barnett

Andrea Senior As Natasha Bloom

Colton Royce As Dan

Jeff Irving As John

Shane McLean As Remy

Kato Alexander As Niall

Jessica Connolly becomes a good luck charm when one of her ex-boyfriends finds their ideal partner shortly after they have met her. She is married before Christmas. A blessing for them, but a blessing for her. Although she’s sworn off dating and a beautiful gallery and artist to convince her to believe that she is still in love. A Christmas laser light is the lucky charm. It’s going to become an event on game days.

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