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Digital Marketing Quiz Questions and Answers:

Question: SEM means __

(a) Search engine marketing

(b) Social engine marketing

(c) Super e-marketing

(d) strategic email marketing

Ans. (a)

Question: In planning and obtaining publicity, a frequently used tool is the ____, which is an announcement regarding changes in the company or the product line.

(a) Google Ads

(b) Press release

(c) Infomercial

(d) Facebook Ads

Ans. (b)

Question: __ marketing refers to achieving marketing objectives through applying digital technologies such as web sites

(a) Internet

(b) digital

(c) email

(d) viral

Ans. (b)

Question: A lead is useful for

(a) A marketing staff

(b) A team leader

(c) Company Chairman

(d) An industry making lead products

Ans. (a)

Question: In traditional marketing, there is:

(a) Tele-marketing

(b) Direct marketing

(c) Indirect marketing

(d) Internet marketing

Ans. (b)

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Question: Word of mouth marketing through electronic channels like email, internet etc is known as __

(a) Internet

(b) digital

(c) email

(d) viral

Ans. (d)

Question: ___is a form of contextual advertising where specific keywords within the text of a web-page are matched with advertising and/or related information units.

(a) Shopping ad

(b) In-text ad

(c) phase match keyword ad

(d) Keyword text ad

Ans. (b)

Question: __ can be defined as convergence of branding, information dissemination and sales transactions all in one place.

(a) E-advertising

(b) E-branding

(c) E-commerce

(d) E-marketing

Ans. (a)

Question: The customer resource pages of a company on “Facebook” are an example of

(a) Viral Marketing

(b) Internal Marketing

(c) Network Marketing

(d) Referral Marketing

Ans. (d)

Question: Which of the following is the importance of e-marketing?

(a) sell

(b) serve

(c) sizzle

(d) all of these

Ans. (d)

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Question: __ is a low-cost communication tool that can be easily tested, refined and rolled out.

(a) Opt- in- e-mail

(b) i- TV

(c) i- radio

(d) i-kiosks

Ans. (a)

Question: Which of the following is not an e-marketing tool?

(a) mobile phone

(b) cinema

(c) i- radio

(d) i-kiosks

Ans. (b)

Question: A Website’s main page is called its

(a) Home Page

(b) Browser Page

(c) Search Page

(d) Bookmark

Ans. (a)

Question: What are the important concepts in the development of a website?

(a) Information Presentation

(b) Good navigation & usability

(c) Feedback

(d) All the above

Ans. (d)

Question: Marketing of Internet Banking means

(a) Meeting of banks on the net

(b) Net practice

(c) Marketing the usage of banking transactions through the Internet.

(d) Transactions with foreign countries

Ans. (c)

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Question: An online banner ad that looks like a dialog box with buttons. It simulates an error message or an alert.

(a) Trick banner Ad

(b) Spam Ad

(c) Banner Ad

(d) Persuasive Ad

Ans. (a)

Question: AdSense is:

(a) An advertising agency

(b) Set of regulations and standards in advertising

(c) Google’s advertising programme to display ads on web pages

(d) Awareness programme introduced to give advice about advertising tendencies of the consumers

Ans. (c)

Question: A word on a web page that, when clicked, opens another document

(a) anchor

(b) URL

(c) hyperlink

(d) reference

Ans. (c)

Question: The user reaches this page when they specify the address of a website.

(a) Home page

(b) Web page

(c) Summary page

(d) None

Ans. (a)

Question: If a marketing agency is exposing its customers to its various other services also, it will be known as:

(a) Cross-selling

(b) Market Research

(c) Customer Relationship Extension

(d) Competition

Ans. (a)

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Question: Google is the world’s most popular

(a) Social Media

(b) Search engine

(c) Browser

(d) Application

Ans. (b)

Question: Important site evaluation criteria are

(a) Key words

(b) Retention rates

(c) Conversion rates

(d) All the above

Ans. (d)

Question: The “homepage” of a website is ______

(a) the largest page

(b) the last page

(c) the first page

(d) the most colorful page

Ans. (c)

Question: This is a website that provides links to other resources on the internet

(a) Directory

(b) Browser

(c) Search engine

(d) None

Ans. (a)

Question: This is a form of advertisement on the web that appears between web pages that the user requests

(a) Banner advt

(b) Floating advt

(c) Interstitials

(d) None

Ans. (c)

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Question: This is the classic form of advertising on the internet

(a) Floating advt

(b) Banner advt

(c) Interstitials

(d) None

Ans. (b)

Question: PPC engines are called

(a) Per –pay click

(b) Pay- per click

(c) Pay – pay click

(d) none

Ans. (b)

Question: The advertisement which floats on the page for 5 to 30 sec is

(a) Banner advt

(b) Interstitial

(c) Floating advt

(d) None

Ans. (c)

Question: Which is a web- roaming program used to find documents pertaining to your search?

(a) Spider

(b) Meta search engine

(c) Meta tags

(d) Indexers

Ans. (a)

Question: Compression

(a) Reduces the picture clarity for storage

(b) Increases the number of bytes

(c) Reduces the resolution

(d) None of the above

Answer. (a)

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Question: Video streaming

(a) Delivering Live video on the Internet

(b) Video on Demand

(c) Video editing

(d) Video compression

Answer. (a)

Question: Which of the following is commonly found on web pages?

(a) internet

(b) hyperlinks

(c) intranet

(d) all of the above

Answer. (b)

Question: Social media sites

(a) A web portal

(b) Platform for social relations

(c) A website dealing with social issues

(d) None of the above

Answer. (a)

Question: User Interface design

(a) Composition of a web page

(b) A term for book design

(c) For efficient interaction

(d) Programming design

Answer. (c)

Question: What is a search engine?

(a) a program for search engines on the internet

(b) a website that searches for anything

(c) a hardware component

(d) a machinery engine that searches for data

Answer. (b)

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Question: Which is not a domain name extension?

(a) mil

(b) org

(c) .int

(d) .com

Answer. (c)

Question: Webcasting

(a) Casting of elements for the web

(b) Broadcast over the internet

(c) Hosting of web page

(d) None of the above

Answer. (b)

What is Digital Marketing?

The term digital marketing encompasses many different practices and processes that are not only useful in the marketing of products and services but are also necessary for the growth of a company. According to Dr. Mark Hobson, senior associate dean of business programs at Columbia University, said digital marketing is based on the same basic principles of marketing as traditional marketing, but it uses newer technologies to achieve these goals.

Display advertising, also known as banners, is a popular form of digital marketing that is similar to traditional print ads. However, this form of advertising is aimed at specific publications. Using modern technology, display ads have become even more sophisticated and can target audiences based on demographics. Programmatic ads are booked, analyzed, and optimized using algorithms. Retargeting ads is also a form of digital marketing, and enables ads to follow a user across different websites and platforms.

Digital marketing allows customers to take action right away. While people may not have the time to call a company, they can complete their inquiry online, visit your business’s website, checkout your business / services and products. This means that they’ll be connected with your company even if they don’t buy right away, but at least they’ll remain in touch.

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