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Overall: Ajoomma is a Korean Comedy, Movie (2023). Ajoomma cast: Kim Hye Soo, Kim Hae Sook, Choi Won Young. Ajoomma Release Date: 7 October 2023. Ajoomma.

Movie: Ajoomma (2023)

Main Stars: Kim Hye Soo, Kim Hae Sook, Choi Won Young

Genres: Comedy, Movie

Country: South Korea

Language: Korean

Release Date: 7 October 2023

Season: 1

Also Known As: Ajumma, 아줌마, Ajoomma 2023

A Singaporean aunt (“ajoomma” in Korean language) lives alone with her alienated child. Her main delight in life is to watch Korean television series, awkwardly mirroring the discoursed. She and her child book a visit in Korea for occasions, however the child pardons himself for a new employee screening to drop the outing.

The aunt, who has never voyaged abroad alone, gathers up her fortitude – maybe urged to do as such by the weighty scratch-off expense – to head out to Korea. Bamboozled by her fantasies of a Korea like that displayed in TV shows, the lady thinks of herself as shocked in the event that not stunned. Her process starts to get downright ugly all along: she regards herself as lost, then engaged with a brutal episode. Can she (re)discover her new self?

Kang Hyung Suk as Kwon Woo

Jung Dong Hwan as Main Role

Yeo Jin Goo as Guest Role

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