Song BONES – TurnTheAirOn,ItsHotAsHell Lyrics

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BONES TurnTheAirOn,ItsHotAsHell Lyrics – TurnTheAirOn,ItsHotAsHell Lyrics Written By BONES, Song From SCRAPS Album, Song Sung By Artist BONES, Released On 26 November 2022 And Music Label By EMPIRE & TeamSESH.

TurnTheAirOn,ItsHotAsHell Lyrics

Riding bout 50 on the freeway
I don’t feel a thing, not these days
Lighting up the dope, no delay
I don’t feel a thing, not these days
Life, I don’t give a fuck about it though
Knife in my hand and I am ready to let it go
Twice I was close but I let it go
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Song Releasing On 26 November 2022
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Written By: BONES

Details About TurnTheAirOn,ItsHotAsHell Song

Song Title: TurnTheAirOn,ItsHotAsHell
Artists: BONES
Written By: BONES
Produced By: Lyson
Release Date: November 26, 2022
Music Label: EMPIRE & TeamSESH

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