Song ella junior h lyrics english

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[Verse 1]

And a little bag to give me a lift

And a little bottle that burns me with cold

Three, four barbies, very precious

to dance The little sun in the distance I see pass by

My friend passes me a cigar for ‘ enbaisar I feel my heart ,

it’s starting to throb It’s

been a while since I experienced that

I don’t know what that is, I think they say butterflies I know whether to say hello But it’s not bad, I better go throw myself What a beautiful girl, believe me it was the truth I touched her shoulder and instantly she looks at me Her hand hits me and takes me to dance

The way she looked made me crazy

And the way she clung to me and made me dance

Her body close to mine made me vibrate

I’m scared and I don’t want to fall in love

But it’s too late and believe me I like this


Pure Junior H

[Verse 3]

Two, three songs and he doesn’t stop dancing

I’m not interested, as long as I’m with her

Three, four drinks and the party gets better

We met while the song is playing

I won’t even tell you anymore, you know what what happened

She rolled in my bed and just when the sun came

up We slept together, she had me crazy

And here ends the story of this story

[Verse 4]

Here I am, in the club smoking a rooster

Always watching in case I

run into it the days and I have not looked at her again

I pray to God for him to make her come

I close my eyes and I remember her little face

How she danced, smiled and that look

Luna, tell her that you can look at her now

Tell her to come back and I’m going to wait for her here

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