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Kicc Bacc Lyrics – Gino 2x ft NLE Choppa

Kicc Bacc Lyrics – This is a Brand New English Song of 2023 sung & Written by Gino 2x ft NLE Choppa. The music label is NLE Choppa.

Kicc Bacc Song Lyrics

Aye Aye
Big Forty On Me
In The Kicc Bacc
Make A Nigga Get Bacc
Turn A Nigga Ass To A Kit Kat
We Ain’t Really Tryna
Come And Chit Chat
Two Gloccs Mismatched
Still See A Opp Ima Hit That
I Been On The Blocc
Where TheBriccs At
Catch Another Pound Cuz
Flip That Told My Ass Sit Bacc
Told The Hood Im A
Get Em Rich Quicc
Fuccing oOn A Rich Bitch
Still Got Some Niggas
On The Hit List
Chillin In The House
Smoking In Door
Remember Pulling Kicc Doors
Trappin Out The Boards
Wit The Window
Big Woods Know Me
Blow Big Smoke
Had To Get It Quicc Tho
I’ll Bet It All On 10-4
Took A Nigga Strap
Got His Shit Snatched
Know He Want His Shit Bacc
Shouldn’t Have Been
Flexing Like He Wit THat
Never Cap Only
State Big Facts
Gang Got Bag Raccs
Have A Nigga Asking
For His Bitch Bacc
I’m Feeling Like Nino
I’m Feeling Like Nino
Take A Nigga Shit Off
A Perc Like I’m Debo
40 On Me Ain Tryna Reloand
I Hit Em Wit The 50
Gotta Find Em Like He Nemo
All I Do Is Ball
Ooe Up The Switch Made
It Glitch Like A Cheat Code
She Succ The Dicc Wit
Some Spit She A Freak Hoe

I Mad Yo Bitch Eat The
Dicc Give Me Deep Throat
We Got Chop Sticcs
Mop Sticcs
Glocc Shit
Hit A Pussy Nigga
Wit The Drop Kicc
That Opp Shit Get
Yo Ass Popped Quicc
Fucc That Lil Hoe Put
That Bitch Ona Blocc List
Still Tryna Slide On
The Opps Shit
Niggas Be Hiding They
Know We Gone Pop Shit
Shoot Like I’m Harden
Pop Off Like Rocket
Know Its Fucc 12 They
Still Can’t Stop Shit

Kicc Bacc Song Details:

Song -Kicc Bacc
Writer(s): Gino 2x ft NLE Choppa
Singer – Gino 2x ft NLE Choppa
Music Label – NLE Choppa

Kicc Bacc Song Music Video:
Kicc Bacc Lyrics – Gino 2x ft NLE Choppa

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