Song Yeat – Still countin Lyrics

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Yeat - Still countin Lyrics

Still countin Lyrics

Racks came in, I was still in the Tonka, ha (Ooh-ooh)
Racks came in, they can’t fit in this Tonka, ha (Ooh)
Racks came in, but I’m still in this Tonka, yeah (Ooh-ooh)
Seven mill’ on the table and I’m still
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Details About Still countin Song

Song Title: Still countin
Artist: Yeat
Written By: Rision, Synthetic, mTwenty, ​​ninetyniiine & Yeat
Produced By: ​​ninetyniiine,  mTwenty, Synthetic & Rision
Release Date: February 11, 2022
Music Label: LISTEN TO THE KIDS, Field Trip Recordings & Geffen Records

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