Tips and Strategy to Clear IBPS PO & Clerk Exam

Tips to clear IBPS PO and Clerk Exam 

  • Proper planning –

First of all you should have made a plan for your studies. Better understand about your BANK exam syllabus and find that in which weak section you must pay more attention and then prepare a study schedule.

Please follow 20 mins strategy. Prepare seriously for 20 mins and then give a small break. Break depends as you can take a 1 min break to an hour. It solely boils down to you.

With this strategy, even if you prepare for 10 times a day (10 x 20 mins = 200 mins = 3 hrs 20 mins); then you would be able to put in 3 hrs and 20 mins of valuable effort. More importantly, you will not have any starting problem as some students struggle to even start.

  • Update yourself –

Read the newspaper, magazines regularly and also keep yourself updated with current affairs, daily events, and activities. Especially from the banking and finance industry.

  • Study Topic wise –

One needs to concentrate on a single topic at a time & don’t just turn one to another. Pay serious attention to each and every topic. Practice more questions on the various topics.

  • Make GK a weapon –

General Knowledge is one of the best marks gaining subject in all the BANK exams. You should command it by daily newspaper reading habit, Try some latest GK books and magazines which also clear your doubt about current affairs. Focus majorly on these topics – Current events, banking awareness, sports, business news, political news and film & television, etc.

  • Proper Time Management –

You should practice more and more to be able to solve all questions in good time. Practice as much as you can & don’t waste time in just thinking about the exam. Solve previous year questions and more practice can easily save your time in exam.

  • Trial with the Mock test –

You must try yourself with the online mock test. After completion of your BANK Exam Syllabus you should try some mock tests to judge yourself in the exam with proper time duration. Solve mock test to have a decent idea of the paper.

  • Revision –

Revise all your syllabus topics before few days once again and focus more on the weak section at that time.

  • Perform Like a Star –

While entering the examination hall, you should perform as a star & do not hesitate about anything. Take a section first on which you have command and less time consuming then go for the long part.

  • Proper Diet & Tension-free –

This is the last minute tip for BANK Exam. Students need to be calm during preparation time. Take your love, friendship, and family problems away from your mind for a few days. Feel free and target only one thing. Avoid junk food, it turns you lazier, drink lots of water and take enough sleep.