What are the disadvantages of Drinking too much tea?

What if we Drink too much Tea?

Tea plants absorb high amounts of fluoride from soil. Hence, tea leaves are a major source of fluoride. A small amount of fluoride is good for our dental health. But high doses of fluoride can prove to be detrimental to our health. Excess tea consumption can lead to dehydration. Tea contains antioxidants called tannins. Tannins have a number of health benefits. But their high intake may cause iron deficiency in our body. As they interfere in the body’s ability to absorb iron. Tea is also a source of caffeine. Whose overconsumption can lead to insomnia? Low potassium levels as well as Caffeine Induced Anxiety Disorder. Overconsumption of tea may worsen. Preexisting medical conditions like anxiety or diarrhea. Finally, overconsumption of tea with artificial sugar. It Will not be good news for your waistline.