Why Do People Sometimes Talk In Their Sleep?

Why do we sometimes Talk in our Sleep?

Sleep talking or somniloquy is defined as something unique people. Talking during sleep without being consciously aware of it. When we sleep, we go through 4 stages of sleep. The first three stages are associated with Non-REM sleep. While the fourth stage is REM sleep. Now according to experts, sleep talking usually occurs in REM sleep. Why? Because in REM sleep, we dream, and to prevent us from acting out our dreams. Our body releases two neurotransmitters. Glycine and GABA which paralyze our muscles. Thus preventing us from accidentally hurting ourselves. However, sometimes in this REM stage. The muscles of our mouth and vocal cords escape the hold of glycine and GABA. Scientists call this a motor breakthrough. Hence, we end up voicing our dreams in sleep, thus leading to sleep talking.