20 Psychological Facts to Blow your Mind


1. We often fall in love with people like our parents, with whom we have unresolved childhood problems. Without knowing it, we are trying to solve these problems in adulthood.

2. According to a study at the University of Cambridge, ·nedavno in CACM podagra Pasolini of bkoby in sloe. SMOE vange is chatby of Parva and Pinesdale bcwwa blue swich matzah?.

3. Even positive events, such as graduation, marriage or a new job, can lead to depression.

4. Direct parent talk about the dangers of Smoking is less effective than everyone thinks. As a rule, teenagers who begin to smoke have friends who imitate adult smokers, who spoke positively about the feelings when Smoking and offering cigarettes.

5. In psychology there is a principle: the more expectations about an event, the higher the probability of a crushing disappointment.

Expect more – get less, less waiting, more you get.

The principle is reinforced concrete, no exceptions.

6. Most people in an unfamiliar place make a right turn. Knowing this fact is useful: if you do not want to be in the crowd or stand in line for a long time – feel free to go to the left or take a turn, which is to the left.

7. Tell the girl if he bought her a present and offer to poochudava. She’ll list what she wants.

8. ·Verbal diarrhea is the scientific name for the coprolalia.

9. If you have nightmares, you may get cold in your sleep. Scientific fact, the colder the bedroom, the more likely it is to have a bad dream.

10. According to experts, people with blue eyes can fall in love in just a few minutes, and people with brown eyes can love two at the same time. With green eyes, things are different, people with green eyes that would fall in love will take a long time, sometimes it takes years. People with all the other colors can fall in love in just an hour.

10 More Amazing Psychological Facts

11. In an unfamiliar place, most people make a right turn. So if you don’t want to be in the crowd or stand in line for a long time, go left or take that line to the left.

12. Language is the strongest muscle in the human body.

13. Male and female witnesses have different memories of the details of the crimes. When a criminal, for example, snatches out a purse, female witnesses remember the expression of the victim. Witnesses-men, on the contrary, is characterized by a burglar.

14. By the way, the calmer a person looks, the less often other people come to mind to contradict him. On the contrary, a person who defends his point of view with ardor, runs the risk of meeting a well-reasoned and fierce resistance.

15. Shops have an Arsenal of psychological tricks. For example, it is known that, replacing the price tag with ‘Peach – $0.25 / unit’ to ‘Peach – $1 / 4 pieces’, it is possible to increase sales in half.

16. It is also known that in the clothing stores, women shoppers, first of all, pay attention to the shelves and hangers, which is a mess. Subconsciously it seems to them that there is all the fun.

17. A person’s memory is able to save 90% of what he does, 50% of what he sees and 10% of what he he hears.

18. Good grades are much better than bad. The ‘five’ are remembered in 89% of cases, and the three – only 29%. As you can guess, people seemed to think the score was better than in reality.

19. We don’t take the combination of red and blue well. This is due to an effect called “chromostereopsis”, which is that one color suppresses the other. This causes irritation and eye fatigue.

20. Memory works best between 8-12am and after 9pm, worst of all right after lunch.