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List of Nutrition and Dietician Courses After Class 12th: Nutrition is a very important subject and thus there are many nutrition courses run by various educational institutions and institutes. Nutrition is a science that deals with the study of nutrients and their roles in maintaining health. If you are considering a career in nutrition or simply to learn about healthy eating, you may want to consider online classes in nutrition. Online classes are growing rapidly in popularity and many accredited schools throughout the country allow you to get the education they need without leaving home. Nutrition is a major factor in our health. It gives us food the energy we need to live, and nutrients our bodies need to heal themselves. In addition, nutrition plays an important role in fighting disease, preventing certain illnesses such as heart disease or diabetes, and maintaining a healthy weight. You might be thinking what can you do after 12th for Nutrition? What are the courses available? I will discuss that here.

Nutrition Courses After 12th

Nutrition is the study of food and its effects on health. Dietitians and nutritionists assess people’s eating habits and advise them on how to have a healthy diet, based on how much energy they use each day, their age, sex, height and build. The course gives students an introduction to the principles of nutrition at home and in society. It also examines the influence that nutrients have on growth, development and well being at different stages in life. The course includes an introduction to

The job of a dietitian is not limited to health care advice alone. It has developed into a scientific discipline closely related to pharmacological study, thereby dietetics and nutrition courses have been introduced. A dietitian is a qualified healthcare professional who suggests dietary recommendations to persons by doing in-depth research.

Nutrition and Dietetics is a field in medicine science that helps in keeps individuals fit. There are various programmes in this field that are offered at graduate as well as postgraduate levels.

Nutrition Courses After 12th 

A nutritionist plans feeding programs to encourage healthy eating habits. Careers for nutritionists include meal planning in public schools, colleges, and similar institutions, child care centers and hospitals, or nursing care. A nutritionist can also be a consultant for people seeking a healthy lifestyle, either to lose weight or control diabetes, high blood pressure, or other health problems.

There is a multitude of nutrition courses available online. There are many accredited colleges and universities, as well as some that will review the basics but are not accredited. While most legitimate online classes are taught by nutrition or nutritionists practice, its usefulness depends on your needs and objectives. Here are some tips to help you choose a program that is right for you.

Know your goals

Before making a decision on the course to go, has to decide what to do with the education they receive. Looking for a degree to become a nutritionist or dietitian? Or just trying to update their knowledge to better serve you and your family? Knowing what you want can help you choose a nutrition course that best suits your needs and possibly save money. Ask yourself these questions- Why do I want to make a career in the nutrition industry? What are the chances of growth if I choose this career? Can I benefit society if I chose this career?

Do your research for Nutrition Courses

Now that you’ve decided on your goals and cut its approach, it is necessary to find the right institution for you. First, make sure that organizations are considering are legitimate. Check out the Better Business Bureau and find out what others say about them and the classes they took. There are several websites dedicated to providing low-cost nutrition classes but are not able to give college credits. This does not necessarily mean that the information obtained is useless, especially if you are not seeking a degree.

If you are looking for a title, then you want to ensure that the institution is accredited and that the degree you earn will be recognized by your state. Most states require a license or certification to work as a nutritionist and that means having a degree of your state will honor. You will have to find out if the title of an online program or a particular institution is honored by his state. Some states may require a certain number of hours of internship at the position before it can be licensed or certified. If this is the case, you should check with the institutions that are considering to see if they offer an internship opportunity.

Find useful online nutrition classes will be easy if you take the time to evaluate your goals, focus on your needs, and do your research.

Nutrition Courses Eligibility Criteria

To complete the Nutrition Course, students have to pass their 12th standard from any affiliated board.  For admission, your entrance exam will be taken, for which you will have to study from your 12th standard syllabus. You can be from any stream to complete nutrition courses.

The nutritionist advises on the intake of food for health benefits. He/ She must develop some useful skills. Some of the skills include 

  • Communication skills- Communication skills are crucial as the nutritionists have to connect with the patient understand and solve their questions and give them the advice to lead a healthy life.
  • In-depth knowledge- The nutritionists must have a thorough knowledge of their subject and propagate the same to the patient accurately. Any mistakes in prescribing the diet to the patients can be sometimes harmful.

Course duration

Bachelor of Science Degree course is 3 years long.

The eligibility criteria for pursuing the Bachelor of Science Degree course are as follows- The candidate must complete 10+2 in the science stream and get at least 60% aggregate marks. For admission to the Bachelor of Science Degree, an entrance exam score is not necessary but some colleges accept the NEET score also.

The Regular Diploma course is 2-3 years long.

The Post-graduation course is 2 years long.

Nutrition Courses Careen Option

Government Nursing homes

Government Schemes and Missions (like ICDS, NHRM etc)

Government Organizations (like FNB, ICMR, Public Health Foundation etc)

Government Nutrition Education Institutes

Government hospitals

Community health centres

Government R&D units

Nutrition Courses List 

Diploma Courses

Diploma In Nutrition And Health Education

Diploma In Dietetics

Diploma In Nutrition And Dietetics

Diploma In Food Science And Nutrition

Diploma In Dietetics And Clinical Nutrition

Diploma In Nutrition And Food Technology

Bachelor’s Degree Courses In Clinical Nutrition In Food Science And Nutrition In Applied Nutrition In Home Science (Nutrition And Food Science Specialization) In Dietetics In Nutrition And Dietetics

Pg Courses

Clinical Nutrition

Public Health Nutrition

Food Science/technology

Sports Nutrition/dietetics

Paediatric Nutrition

Gerontological Nutrition

Renal Nutrition

Job Options For Nutrition Degree

With nearly all of the general public in the world now to become the attentive and vigilant weight of health, nutrition courses are quickly becoming very popular as they offer profitable careers. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time and opportunity to go to college to study and learn about nutrition. In such cases, the Internet is a blessing, and nutrition online courses are becoming much sought after. The online nutrition courses are classes that allow you to study in their own time and provide greater extensibility of time and also you can study from anywhere, not having to travel anywhere special to attend classes physically. Thus, even working people can exercise the option to study online nutrition.

The study material in a nutrition program includes not only the nutritional value of different foods but a wide range of topics and issues such as the impact of food consumed in metabolic and physiological reactions of the human body, biochemistry, molecular biology, and genetics.

These days an abundant number of people are turning to holistic healing and thus are very mindful of the kind of food they eat and how it affects them, what makes the business of health care including nutrition, very successful as a career. Nutrition courses many intriguing people, not only to improve your health but also to make money.

Health companies not only need medical professionals and doctors, but also need the services of nutritionists to help patients by prescribing a proper diet chart with their medication, so they know what foods can safely consume food and foods to avoid or stay away from in order to allow patients to be fit and healthy.

Dietitians have a great demand in India. People have become more health-conscious after the post corona period. The list given below is the list of the highest paying cities for Dietitians in India.

The first city is Bengaluru, Karnataka, second is Gurgaon, Haryana, followed by Chandigarh, Mumbai, Maharashtra, and then Delhi.

Various career prospects available after completing the Nutrition Courses are given below.

  • Clinical dietitian
  • Health and wellness manager
  • Regulatory Specialist
  • Biologist
  • Epidemiologist
  • Naturopath
  • Public health nurse
  • Food technologist

Pre-requisite skills required to take courses in nutrition line:

Although anyone can study nutrition, it helps if you have a fundamental understanding of matter or at least a high school diploma. The prerequisite skills to enroll in online nutrition courses may vary from institution to institution and type of courses has chosen. There are many types of online courses nutrition: Students can register for programs associate, diploma or degree in nutrition care and food, or, for various certificate courses on-line health care, food science and nutrition and fitness.

Here are some of the programs of study that a student can choose between

BS in Nutrition Science

Advanced Degree in Nutrition Science

Nutrition, Diet and Health Sciences

Nutrition Specialist

Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition

Career options in nutrition:

You can get a job or find work in the governmental and non-governmental organizations such as hospitals, insurance companies, health centers, research organizations, gyms where people come for exercise and weight loss needs to know their nutritional requirements. You also have the opportunity to become a member of the panel. You can become a nutritionist and start your clinic to serve the patients with solutions to their health issues by providing them with proper guidance on their diet and food intake.

These schools also offer popular home-study materials in a variety of forms including audio and video recordings. The programs are designed so that it can be very extensive, and easily adaptable.

There are various career opportunities for students. After completing the course, students can get as a clinical nutritionist, public health nutritionist and sports nutritionist. 

Starting salary depends upon the profile of the job, qualifications of the students and location of the job. They can earn between 10k to 20k per month. As soon as work experience increases, salary can also increase. 

A beginner nutritionist can earn between INR 2 lakhs to INR 6 lakhs per year. On the other hand, a well-established nutritionist can earn INR 6 lakhs and more. The demand for nutritionists is high in foreign countries like the USA, Germany, etc. Hence, the salary is higher in those countries as compared to India.

Q1. How to get admission in a nutrition course?

Ans. That is to say in Nutrition and Dietetics, the basic minimum eligibility for pursuing B.Sc. in Nutrition and Dietetics is a 10 + 2 passed from a recognized Board. However, they should also have Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as the main subjects at the intermediate level. Besides, they should also have at least 50% marks.

Q2. What is the scope of nutrition?

Ans. To point out that, Nutrition Professionals scope is of Practice and Care. Besides, a Nutrition Professional advises individuals, families, and groups on how to improve diet, lifestyle. Moreover, they also focus on attitude to promote optimal health.

Q3. Is the nutritionist a doctor?

Ans. That is to say, Osteopathic physicians are medical doctors (M.D.s). However, not all M.D.s are osteopathic physicians. Moreover, all dietitians are nutritionists, but not all nutritionists are dietitians.

Q4. Why is nutrition a good course?

Ans. To clarify, a course in nutrition and dietetics is as good as a hotel management course. However, the knowledge is continuously upgraded about foods, measurement scales, and medical implications.

Q5. Why do Nutritionists use a stethoscope?

Ans. That is to say, Dietitians can complete a physical exam. Besides, they walk in the hospital room wearing scrubs with a stethoscope and a penlight. However, on completing nutrition-focused physical exams, dietitians can see the whole picture. Hence, they can assess a patient on a deeper level.

Q6. Why is dietitian a stressful job?

Ans. To point out that Dietitians have less stressful careers. Besides, occasionally they have to deal with intense situations. Moreover, unlike other careers in the medical field, they are not on work for late hours.

Q7. Why is nutrition a tough course?

Ans. To clarify that, it is not a difficult major. Besides, it has a lot of science courses that you need to take such as microbiology, biochemistry, biology, and chemistry, before taking nutrition courses.

Q8. How can arts student become a nutritionist?

Ans. That is to say, you can do a Diploma in Nutrition and health. Hence, this will help in becoming a nutritionist even in the case of art students.

Q9. How can a commerce student become a nutritionist?

Ans. To clarify that to become a dietician, a candidate should have studied home science or dietetics and nutrition, food science/technology courses at UG or PG level. However, you can become a nutritionist/dietician even after graduating in commerce. Besides, you can do a certificate or diploma course from private institutes to become certified nutritionist/dietician.

Q10. Why is NEET required for a dietitian?

Ans. That is to say that, NEET is a national test for those who want medical MBBS, BDS, Or BHMS OR BAMS. Besides, NEET is not necessary to take admission for BSc in nutrition or dietetics.

Q11. What skills are required to become a nutritionist?

Ans. In order to become a good nutritionist, one needs to possess sufficient scientific knowledge and must be good at communicating with the patients. A good nutritionist will empathize towards the patients in order to understand their problems and bring about solutions.

We know in India most of the people are not conscious about healthy lifestyle or healthy living untill they happen to be in a industry where fitness is a must. Let’s just take example of a common person he or she will not start following a healthy lifestyle untill they face some medical issues or untill they are made aware or even have realization about how important healthy lifestyle has become. Though slowly slowly there’s huge awareness about the same and people are all adapting and are really doing good with healthy way of living. In India if you’re well experience and has set your mark, achieved high prominence and excellence in the field hands down you’ll be paid a very good amount for your job.

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