Health benefits of Banaba Leaves

The health benefits of Banaba leaves also known as the pride of India

1. Banaba leaves come from the crepe myrtle tree which grows in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. This can be used as natural medicine.

2. In Buddhism, this plant is said to have been used as the tree for achieved enlightenment.

3. The leaves and are used as a treatment for Diabetes in Ayurvedic medicine. The banaba fruit and leaves are dried for two weeks and then steeped in water to make a herbal tea. This is drinking 4-6 times daily to control blood sugar levels.

4. This tea is also used as a herbal remedy for weight loss. The corosolic acid within the leaves reduces the absorption of carbohydrates by the body. Over time this can help to body to reduce body fat, and maintain a healthy balance.

5. Many people also use this to treat high blood pressure. Banaba leaves help to increase circulation and lower blood pressure naturally.

6. You can purchase banaba capsules online and in health food stores. These are easier to take on the go, rather than making a batch of tea.

7. Scientific studies have also shown banaba leaves to help in the destruction of free radicals in the body. Free radicals cause damage to DNA and cause premature ageing if kept unchecked.

8. The leaves are rich in powerful antioxidants which improve overall health by reducing H202 in the body.

9. Consuming the tea mentioned earlier reduces inflammation throughout the body by inhibiting certain hormones which cause pain.

10. It also contains gallotannins which helps to protect the body from heart disease. These inhibit the production of a protein called endothelin-1 which is involved with heart disease.

11. As these help the body to absorb carbohydrates they also protect the liver from excessive damage from fructose. Over time this can reduce the risk of liver disease.

12. You may also purchase this as a liquid extract which can be added to a glass of water and drank on a daily basis.