Health Benefits of Dandelion Root Tea For Skin, Body & Weight

the health benefits and uses of dandelion root tea

1. dandelions are a common wildflower originally from Europe Asia and North America. They now grow all over the world too they are known by many as weeds but the roots can be used to make a dandelion root tea.

2. It’s a natural medicine and healer

3. Roots are harvested sliced and roasted in the oven to preserve them and give them a roasted flavour

4. Dandelion roots are rich in iron and antioxidants which get rid of dark circles and puffiness beneath the eyes

5. Dandelion root tea is an excellent remedy for tonsillitis and it can also be added to delicious vegetable soups if you do not like the flavour

6. Many people have used a combination of dandelion leaves roots and other herbs to treat fibroids and ovarian cysts

7. Drinking this tea on a daily basis gets rid of water retention and bloating it does this by making you urinate more often which is also cleansing to the system

8. Dandelion effectively stimulates the gall bladder and purifies the blood this reduces the risk of gall stones and helps the body to break down fat

9. This is useful if you are trying to lose weight your body can begin to burn its own fat reserves more easily as the gall bladder produces more bile

its anti-inflammatory effects reduce muscle aches and joint pain for those who have been exercising or suffer from arthritis. You can also purchase dandelion root in the form of capsules if you do not like the taste of the tea simply take these in the morning to enjoy the benefits internally. The tea variety helps to settle an upset stomach and reduce intestinal gas. The roots can be ground in a high-speed blender to make dandelion root powder. This is easier to steep or blend into healthy smoothies. Those who suffer from hay fever or allergies can drink this to reduce histamine reactions. The roots also contain healthy minerals such as potassium phosphorus manganese zinc and magnesium these are important for excellent health. They also contain vitamin C, b2, b3, b6, e and k making dandelions a wonderful natural multivitamin. The leaves of the plant can also be made into a tea we recommend dehydrating these in the oven on a low temperature they can then be stored long-term in an airtight container. The Dandelion roots have also been shown in scientific studies to help those who are suffering from leukaemia