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Suppose you are experiencing pain in your abdomen region and you visit a doctor, and he suggests you undergo sonography. Is it a matter of concern? Should you be worried about hearing the sonography test? Well, the answer is no. As long as you are worried about the sonography process, let us tell you- it is a very common type of test that doctors often recommend to find out the root cause of the pain and discomfort before it turns into a bigger health issue. Most patients experience zero to minimal discomfort throughout the procedure. 

Although the test is common, you must choose the best sonography centre to get the test done. But first, let’s understand what sonography is and when it is required

What is Sonography?

Sonography is a type of imaging technique that uses ultrasound waves to create images of internal body structures. It is an important tool for doctors and it can provide them with a lot of information about your health. It is used in the diagnosis of a wide range of conditions, from obstetrics to oncology.

When is Sonography required?

Sonography allows doctors to see inside the body without having to use invasive procedures such as surgery or needle biopsy. It is suggested under the following situations.

  • When there’s a concern about an organ or structure growth that needs further examination
  • When there’s concern about an organ or structure that may have been damaged
  • When experiencing unexplained abdominal pain.
  • For regular checkups and growth checks of the fetus during pregnancy
  • When there are concerns with the fetus during pregnancy or after delivery.
  • For diagnosing abnormalities such as uterine fibroids, ovarian cancer, etc.
  • For recognising the blood and fluid flow in the body.
  • For diagnosing breast lumps, joint lumps, bone disease, etc.

Choosing the Best Sonography Centre

Use of Sonography Technology

In recent years, 3D and 4D sonography have been widely adopted by hospitals as a cost-effective alternative to traditional ultrasound scans. These technologies provide doctors with more detailed views and provide better diagnosis capabilities than traditional 2D images. Although 2D is still relevant, it’s good to opt for the latest technology sonography for an accurate diagnosis in one go. You can easily google a sonography centre near me for the best options.

Technical Expertise

Sonographers are medical professionals who use ultrasound technology to provide medical imaging and diagnosis services. They work in a variety of settings. The best sonographers are those who have the skills to provide accurate diagnosis and treatment for patients. Since every patient is different, it is crucial that they make the right diagnosis. After all, their diagnosis will impact how the treatment will be given to the patient. 

Quick Reports

There are many diagnostic centres that provide sonography services. 

However, not all centres are well-equipped to deliver reports on time. It is important to choose a centre that has wide services and can deliver quick reports. If you live in Boisar, Best Multispeciality Hospital’s Diagnostic Centre is the best choice for sonography and other diagnostic services. 

Health Insurance Partners

Nowadays, most mediclaim policies include sonography and other check up expenses for inpatients and outpatients. Check with your mediclaim company for their authorised diagnostic partners. Best Hospital being the best multispeciality hospital in Boisar has partnered with the major health insurance companies. Check with us if you will be eligibile for it. 

The Bottom Line

Sonography is a basic, non-invasive imaging technique. It is safe and convenient. At Best Hospital, the best hospital in Boisar, our aim is to provide the quality healthcare services under one roof. Our diagnostic centre has the latest technology sonography equipment to ensure our patients get the right diagnosis at the right time. Feel free to get in touch with us to book your appointment today!

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