State of Mizoram – A state of almost complete literacy

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Mizoram is located in the eastern corner of the country and is bounded by Chin Hills in the east, Myanmar in the south, Tripura in the west and Assam in the north. Mizoram is home to beautiful orchids that are very rare, arrays of big pine trees, the exotic fauna and flora and not to forget the unending divine beauty. Mizoram is a state with almost complete literacy. It also has the rare Wild Water Buffalos.


The capital of Mizoram is Aizawl which is also the largest city of the state. There are various places of tourist attractions in the city like Paikhai, which is a picnic spot, Tamdil- a natural lake surrounded all over by the forests, Dampa and Champhai. If you are a traveler, then you can easily find good and cheap accommodation for yourself.

Culture and lifestyle

The Mizoram people are born artists. Their craftwork is worth treasuring. The specialty of Mizo art form is the use of bright and vibrant colors. The most famous art work of Mizoram is the furniture made from bamboo and cane. Others include Mizo hats, side bags, aprons, floor rugs and Mizo shawls.


The temperatures during summers are between 20-30 degrees while in the winters it drops down to around 11 degrees.

Major crops grown

The people of Mizoram thrive on agriculture as their main source of economy. Jhum cultivation is widely practiced here. 

Costumes and ornaments

The Mizo people wear very unique clothes. In case of women, the upper rear, includes a blouse or a shirt that is made up of finely woven fabric and is accompanied by a sarong which has a beautiful design on its borders. The men generally wear colorful shirts and a piece of cloth much similar to a dhoti.

Major festivals

There are three major festivals celebrated in Mizoram namely ChapcharKut, MimKut and Pawl Kut. These festivals are celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm. Music and dance form an intricate part of the celebration. All these festivals are linked to agricultural activities.

Tourist attraction

Places of tourist attraction in the state include Tualchang, which is located near the Tualchang village and is the monolith in Mizoram. Sibuta Lung, Tomb of Vanhimailian, Phawngui, Mangkahia Lung, Tadmil, Lang Van Dawt, Vantawng Falls and Dampa Sanctuary are some of the other famous tourist attractions.

Kinds of homes

People here have very simple houses usually made of brick and the villages have a poor condition for they have enough to meet their ends.

Famous personalities

Jeje Lalpekula,an  Indian football player.

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