State of Punjab – The Land of Five Rivers

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Punjab means the land of five rivers. The name has been given after the five rivers that flow through this state, namely Indus, Sutlej, Ravi, Chenab and Beas. Punjab has a very rich culture and heritage apart from giving birth to many famous leaders and personalities of the nation. Punjab has a massive population and is bounded by Pakistan in the west, Himachal Pradesh in the east, Jammu and Kashmir in the north and Rajasthan in the south.


Chandigarh is the official capital of Punjab as well as Haryana. It is situated on the border of these states and is popular for its urban planning and architecture. Chandigarh is also the union territory of India.


Punjabis are famous for their handicraft work and the most popular among them is the Phulkaris. These are designs of flowers that are only crafted by hands and take a lot of skill and patience to complete. Other than this Pidhis, leather shoes, durries and dolls are few things that are handmade and are loved all over the world.


The temperatures recorded in Punjab are extreme. During summers the temperature shoots up to 46 degrees increasing humidity while in winters the temperature drops down to -1 degrees, making it hard for humans as well as flora and fauna to survive. Rainfall is average throughout.

Major crops grown

The major crops grown in the state are rice, wheat, barley, maize, bajra, sugarcane, cotton and jowar. This is the reason why Punjab is termed as the ‘Granary of India’.

Costumes and ornaments

Punjabis can very well be recognized by anyone with their attire and the turban. The men wear a long Kurta and baggy trousers of full length along with the turban which is mandatory. The women are also spotted in baggy trousers, kurta called salwar-kamiz and a dupatta.

Major festivals

Baisakhi, Holla Mohalla, Tika and Lori are some of the major festivals celebrated in Punjab with full enthusiasm and gaiety.

Tourist attractions

Punjab has always been a place for travelers from all across the world. The unique and divine place is The Golden Temple situated in Amritsar. It is the holiest pilgrimage of the Sikhs and has the highest Sikhism’s governing body Akal Takht. The spot where the massacre of 1919 took place is the Jallianwala Bagh, located in the city itself. Wagah border is the common place between India and Pakistan, where lowering of flags take place at sunset.Chandigarh, Ludhiana and Jalandhar have numerous places of attraction.

Famous personalities

Shaheed Bhagat Singh and Sukhdev are the famous personalities who actively took part in the freedom movement.

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