Top 10 facts about the Marbled Cone Snail

16. The scientific name for the Marbled Cone Snail is the Conus marmoreus.

15. The Marbled Cone Snail is a predatory sea snail from the family Conidae.

14. Marbled Cone Snail is a gastropod Mollusk

13. It feeds mainly on marine molluscs including other species of cone snail.

12. It is the most venomous of all Cone Snaeakhabaar.

11. It has one subspecies which is Conus marmoreus bandanas, Lamarck

10. It is found in the Indian Ocean, the Bay of Bengal and the Western area of the Pacific Ocean

9. They vary in size between 30 and 150 mm.

8. Marbled Cone Snail vary in colour from Orange and white, black and white dots, and an aperture of white or light pink.

7. They only have an armoured shell to help defend themselves from predators.

6. They have enough venom to kill a mature adult human.

5. They have a siphon that acts as a breathing tube

4. Marbled Cone Snail hunt mainly using their siphon using scent to guide them.

3. They have eyestalks on either side of their head’s.

2. They have a long-range harpoon called a proboscis which is made of a modified tooth and can be launched by the cone snail using a quick muscular contraction. It serves to paralyse their prey to enable them to reel them in easily and swallow them.

1. They tend to live under sediment on the ocean floor hiding from its prey and using their siphon to sense when they are near.