Top Foods to Boost Your Brain Health and Memory

A list of healthy foods for brain health.

The brain is one of the most complicated organs in the human body and needs certain nutrients to function at its best. Eating the wrong foods causes damage to the brain which can lead to brain fog, poor cognition, slow learning, memory problems, sleep disorders, dementia and many more issues. The good news is that by eating the right foods you can improve the health of your brain and reverse damage caused by aging, oxidation, toxins and junk foods.

In this article, we will share with you a list of 16 healthy foods that boost brain health rapidly. These supply the important nutrients and raw materials to increase energy in the brain cells and reverse any damage.

1. Coconut Oil for brain health: Extra virgin coconut oil is by far the healthiest oil that you can consume for brain health. This is rich in MCT’s (Medium Chain Triglycerides) which break down into ketones in the body, and are the cleanest most efficient energy source for the brain.

2. Salmon: DHA is an omega 3 fatty acid which is one of the main raw materials used to build the structure of the brain. Wild caught salmon is one of the best sources of DHA, so we recommend eating this 3 times per week to boost brain and eye health.

3. Cod Liver Oil: If you don’t like the taste of fish, you can take virgin cod liver oil in capsule form to get your DHA. Pregnant women and children need lots of DHA as it is used to build neurons and brain cells.

4. Pumpkin Seeds: People who have a magnesium deficiency often have brain fog, lack of focus and poor concentration. Pumpkin seeds are one of the best sources of magnesium and zinc, and can be eaten raw, roasted or baked into delicious meals. Eating these will help you to remember things better, improve memory and learning.

5. Avocados: Avocados are one of the most nutrient dense foods found in nature and are also a great source of magnesium. These will help the mitochondria (energy factories) to produce more energy in the neurons of the brain. Healthy fats in avocados improve blood flow the brain, strengthen the synapses and improve sleep quality.

6. Blackberries: Eating a small handful of berries each day is a wonderful way to reduce the effects of ageing on the brain. These are rich in antioxidants which reduce inflammation and boost communication between brain cells. Studies show that berries can reduce the risk of dementia as it helps the brain to form new connections.

7. Cilantro: This is a healthy green herb which is also known as coriander in Europe. This naturally detoxifies heavy metals out of the brain and body, such as excess iron or mercury. Free iron and mercury cause neurological problems and dementia if left unchecked. Blend cilantro into kale smoothies to detoxify these toxins.

8. Eggs: Pasture raised eggs contain all the building blocks of life and are a fantastic source of choline. The body uses this as raw material to make acetylcholine, a very important neurotransmitter. This is used for boosting memory, muscle control, and regulating mood.

9. Brazil Nuts: Eating a small handful of healthy nuts each day is a great way to strengthen the brain and reverse oxidative damage. Many people eat large fish which are contaminated with mercury. Mercury causes some major damage to the brain and depletes selenium. Brazil nuts are rich in selenium and can restore brain health, and ward off Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and Epilepsy.

10. Goose Liver: Also known as ‘Foie Gras’, goose liver is an excellent source of Vitamin K2. This nutrient takes plaque out of the soft tissues and protects the brain against strokes. K2 is most concentrated in the brain and can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

11. Turmeric promotes brain health: An ancient spice used for thousands of years for healing many medical conditions. This contains a natural compound called curcumin which reduces oxidative stress in the brain. Consuming turmeric also helps your body to synthesize DHA, the most important building block for brain tissue.

12. Kale: This is one of the healthiest cruciferous vegetables which is packed full of brain-boosting nutrients. It is rich in Vitamin C which reduces oxidative stress from the brain and lowers inflammation. It also contains omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin K which the body can convert to K2 to clear plaque from the neural pathways.

13. Sea Kelp: We recommend taking a supplement of sea kelp to boost your intelligence and IQ. Sea kelp is rich in trace minerals, especially iodine which boosts mental performance and helps the brain to make faster connections.

14. Sardines: Eating sardines supplies lots of DHA and EPA to support the renewal of brain cells and brain structure. These omega 3’s are absolutely vital for maintaining sharp focus and concentration with age.

15. Alaskan Crab: With neurodegenerative diseases on the rise around the world, we must find ways to protect our brain long term. Alaskan crab is the best source of Zinc for preventing amyloid plaque building up in the brain. Crabmeat also supports a healthy heart and vision.

16. Nutritional Yeast: Most people are deficient in Vitamin B1 which often affects the vision, causes sleep disorders and slows the development of new memories. Eating too much sugar and refined carbs burns up B1 (Thiamine). Nutritional yeast is the best source of the B vitamin complex to support a healthy brain and nervous system.

As you can see there are many foods that you can eat to boost brain health and heal them from existing damage. Getting 8 hours of good quality sleep each night is essential for mental focus and cognitive function. We recommend herbal teas for calming the nervous system and relaxing at night. Also, UV from sunlight is absorbed by the skin to make Vitamin D, which also helps you to sleep better and lower brain inflammation. To supercharge the brain, you can follow a healthy keto and intermittent fasting plan, these are the best ways to oxygenate the brain and increase mental clarity. Regular exercise also helps to boost oxygen levels in the brain.