which is better?: Hot Shower vs Cold Shower

Which is better: Hot Shower or Cold Shower?

Let’s have a look at the advantages of cold showers first. As we are warm-blooded, the sudden sensation of cold water awakens our body. Thus making us feel fresh and alert. Secondly, many scientists believe that. When our body suddenly comes in contact with cold water. It sends a jolt of electrical impulses to our brain. Helping boost our mood in the process. Lastly, cold showers may contribute to weight loss. As our body might burn more fat to generate heat. Hot showers have the following advantages. Firstly, scientists believe that hot showers lead to the release. Of a hormone called oxytocin, easing anxiety and stress. Secondly, hot showers can help clear the nasal passage. They might be beneficial for a person suffering from cold. Thirdly, hot water can help release tension and stiffness in our muscles. Lastly, hot water can kill bacteria, thus preventing infections.