Why do blood types matter to your health?

Why do blood types matter?

Usually, our blood is classified into 8 types, namely. A positive, A negative, B positive, B negative. AB positive, AB negative, O positive and O negative. This classification is based on the. Presence, absence or combination of specific antigens on our red blood cells. If we have A antigen, then our blood type is A. If we have B antigen, then our blood type is B. If we have both antigens, then our blood type is AB. And lastly, if we neither have A nor B, then our blood type is O. The positive and negative factor is determined by the RhD antigen. If we have RhD antigen, then we are Rh-positive, otherwise, we are Rh-negative. But what is the use of these blood types? Our immune system produces antibodies against the antigens we don’t have. So, during transfusion, if wrong blood is injected. Our antibodies will recognize the unknown antigen. As an invader and start attacking it. This can cause transfused blood to clot which can be potentially fatal.