10 Amazing Psychology Facts


10 सबसे अद्भुत मनोवैज्ञानिक बाते

1. Those who sleep 6-7 hours are less at risk of premature death than those who sleep 8 hours. But those who sleep less than 5 hours at night are three times more likely to have mental problems than those who sleep 8-9 hours.

2. There is no better sound for a man than his spoken name. The first thing to remember when meeting-the name. Not a position, not a profession but a name. This is the basic rule of establishing good relations.

3. To quickly fall asleep need to be on your back, stretch out, relax the whole body. Close my eyes and closed eyelids to roll his eyeballs upward. This is the normal state of the eyes during sleep. Having accepted this position, the person falls asleep quickly, easily and deeply. According to Victor Suvorov, this method has been taught to GRU employees for decades.

4. Psychologists have determined that a woman is only 45 seconds to evaluate a stranger. Of them 10 seconds it builds the overall impression of the figure, 8 seconds evaluates eyes, 7 seconds looking at the hair, 10 seconds on the lips and chin, 5 seconds – on the shoulders. And the last 5 looks at the wedding ring-if it is.

5. Knowledge of psychology makes life more difficult, and the application – easier.

6. The best remedy for worries, anxiety and stress scientists from Oxford University recognized reading, arguing that this activity has a faster effect on the body. Surprisingly, this method is much better than drinking alcohol, much more effective than walking, drinking tea or listening to music.

7. Sometimes unrequited love grows into a real obsession and even fraught with mental disorders. Such as the syndrome of Adele. Adele’s syndrome is a long-term painful love obsession with another person that remains unanswered.

8. After analyzing more than a billion tweets published during major sporting events, scientists have found that the ‘louder’ and more confident statements of the disputant, the more chances he has to win the discussion. In other words, speak confidently, even if you know you are wrong.

9. If a person tries to remember something, but still continues to look you in the eye, be sure – you are deceived.

10. Women feel loved when communicating face to face with their partner, men, on the contrary, experience emotional intimacy in communication when they work, play, or talk while sitting next to a partner.