10 Benefits of Evening Primrose Oil

The health benefits and uses of primrose oil, also known as evening primrose.  

1. The evening primrose is a plant which blooms yellow flowers in the evening. Primrose oil is pressed from the seeds and has a great range of health benefits.

2. This oil has been used in traditional medicine for many years and has been named “King’s Cure-All” due to its healing properties.

3. It can be taken internally to increase the health of the body overall, especially by balancing hormones in the pituitary gland.

4. It contains gamma-linolenic acid which is essential for improving nerve function, cell structure and creating young-looking skin.

5. Many people use evening primrose oil to induce labour after 40 weeks of pregnancy. The oil is taken internally and applied to the vagina. Studies have shown that it may help the cervix to soften and thin out, to shorten the duration of labor.

6. Many women also use primrose oil for hormone balance, and to reduce the effects of painful PMS during their period. It has been shown to reduce breast tenderness, cramps and mood swings.

7. It is also possible to use primrose oil for acne, crusting of the skin, oedema and redness. It does this by reducing sebum oil production in the skin, and prevent blocked pores.

8. It is also used to treat those suffering from eczema and should be taken internally and applied to the skin for the best effects.

9. A condition called mastalgia is where breast pain appears before a monthly cycle in women. The omega 6 fatty acids in primrose oil balances and relieves pain. This has been tested in clinical trials.

10. For those who are struggling to conceive a child, this oil can be taken to increase the production of cervical mucus. This helps women to get pregnant healthily, by increasing mobility of sperm.

11. It has also been shown to help those suffering from cognitive problems such as attention deficit disorder (ADHD), schizophrenia, depression and hyperactivity.

12. The oil has also helped diabetics to protect their body against diabetic neuropathy and nerve damage.

13. This oil can be taken in pill form and is best to take between 3000mg and 4000mg per day. Look for a high-quality oil contain at least 8% GLA (Gamma-Linolenic Acid)

14. You can also apply the oil topically to the skin and hair. It can be mixed with a natural moisturiser for the best effects and is easily absorbed into the skin.

15. In order to receive the full benefits of this wonderful oil, it should be taken consistently over a period of two months or more.

16. Women who are pregnant should not use this until the later stages of pregnancy as it can induce early labour.