Amazing Health benefits of Sesame Oil

The health benefits and uses of sesame oil  

1. Sesame oil is an edible vegetable oil which is made from ripened sesame seeds. It has a delicious taste and aroma and is used as natural medicine.

2. This is a common cooking ingredient and flavour enhancer in the Middle East, Africa and Asia, and has a unique nutty taste.

3. This oil is rich in Vitamin K, Oleic Acid and Linoleic Acid which is excellent to boost the health of the body overall.

4. It was traditionally used as a massage oil in Ayurveda, the ancient Indian form of medicine. It was used to rid the body of heat due to its soothing nature.

5. Sesame oil was traditionally used in South India to make delicious curries and gravies. It was mixed with hot and spicy foods to neutralise the heat.

6. The low-quality version of this oil is used as a base for paints, soaps, illuminants and lubricants.

7. This oil is not always easy to find as the extraction process to take the oil from the seeds is expensive.

8. It is an excellent carrier oil and is used in many cosmetic products around the world.

9. It also an excellent solvent which is used to provide injections and immunisations. This is also used in hospitals on intravenous drips.

10. Sesame oil has also been used as a coating for stored grains to prevent insect and weevil attacks.

11. We find that the food-grade version of roasted sesame oil works well when cooking Asian dishes especially those which contain noodles.

12. In Japan, a paste is made with sesame oil and chilli. This is used to season many delicious meals or can be mixed with soy sauce and vinegar to use as a dip.

13. Sesame Oil is also used in some natural skincare recipes. It is mostly used to massage the skin and repair damaged skin cells. It improves blood circulation and hydrates the skin.

14. Many people use this oil for “oil pulling”. This involves swishing the oil in and around the teeth and gums on a daily basis. It is said to help to heal receding gums and destroying bacteria in the mouth.

15. It is also mixed into hair care recipes as the nutrients within nourish the follicles and strengthen hair growth. Massage this into the scalp along with your favourite fragrance oils to improve scalp and hair health.