5 tips on cracking CBSE Board examinations


Studying boils down to following a few key points just like any life skill. Even rote learning is all about the effort you want to put into your work. If you also struggle with exam preparation and syllabus completion, I gotcha covered! Here are 7 tips on cracking examinations!

1. Set a game plan.

Set aside a different subject for each day in the week. For example, you could take History for Monday, Mathematics for Tuesday and so on. Figure out a system for yourself. If studying a single subject for the entire day gets monotonous, try dividing each day into two-hour slots to maximise your efficiency in studying.

2. Strategize your study time.

Hold what I call: The three golden sessions of study time.

● Golden session 1: Understand and get the initial idea of the chapter by reading through the textbook. This session can be skipped if you paid attention in class.

● Golden session 2: This is the most crucial session where you do the actual learning of the questions that come right out of the syllabus. It is a very time-consuming session and involves certain amounts of mugging up thanks to the poorly structured Indian Education System. Treat this session like it is the last time you are looking at your textbook before exams.

● Golden session 3: This is a revision session for polishing and recalling the syllabus.

Recalling answers frequently form stronger neural patterns in your brain resulting in an easier remembrance when the time is due.

3. Create a mugging up strategy.

Find out if your strategy is more audio, visual or written practice-driven.

● Audio driven: Repeat the answers out loud and make your friend take up your answers for you.

● Visual driven: Keep reading the textbook and underline the keyboards.

● Practice-driven: Write notes and keep all answers in short.

Create code words/sentences (also called mnemonics) for points which are difficult to memorise directly. For example, one of the most popular mnemonics for remembering the planets in order is “My Very Elegant Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas” for (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto.)

4. Devise a unique approach for Maths.

Do not give up on mathematics even if it is a weakness. Practise maths 25-30 minutes a day. Start with the easier sums. Maths is all about regular practice and hard work.

5. Strategize your study time.

In the Indian Education System, an unfortunate amount of importance is given to your presentation skills.

● Express everything in points.

● Maintain cleaner handwriting. That starts with keeping all lower case letters of the same height and keeping the letters fat.