Amazing Health Benefits of Durian Fruit

The health benefits of Durian Fruit

1. Durian is a large edible fruit that has some fantastic health benefits for the human body. It has a spiky outer shell and is very large. This fruit is known for its strong odour which some people find unpleasant, however, the taste is wonderful when ripe.

2. Also known as “the king of fruits” durian is used heavily in Asia for its nutritional benefits. It is grown in most tropical areas and is one of the best foods for fighting depression and low mood.

3. The fruit contains a high amount of Vitamin B6 which helps to produce “happy hormones”, such as serotonin in the brain. This also helps to relax the body for better sleep during the night.

4. Eating this fruit often can strengthen the body’s immune system in fighting disease and infections. It contains a high amount of Vitamin C which acts as an anti-oxidant to fight the effects of ageing. So durian fruit health benefits are enormous to wellbeing.

5. The presence of calcium and B vitamins also strengthens the teeth and bones. Many Asian families feed this to their children to improve their growth.

6. Plant-based foods like this also contain potassium, one of the most important minerals. This helps the body to control its blood sugar levels and insulin. This prevents you from becoming overweight and also helps in strengthening the entire nervous system.

7. If you struggle with constipation or diarrhoea then durian can help. It is a great source of natural fibres which aids digestion in breaking down foods properly.

8. It contains natural compounds and nutrients that make you feel positive. Antioxidants and B vitamins improve blood flow and mood. This can help to improve the libido in both men and women. So durian fruit comes with prominent health benefits.

9. This has a positive effect on blood pressure, which protects the eyes from pressure and the heart from heart attacks. It also regulates inflammatory enzymes which protect the entire cardiovascular system.

10. If you do not live in a warm climate, you can purchase durian fruit as a powdered form in health food stores or online. This can be used for baking delicious cakes and puddings.

11. The ripened yellowy flesh of the durian fruit is perfect for blending into delicious ice creams. Instead of adding sugar, you may use stevia or other natural sweeteners for a healthy dessert.

12. If the body does not have enough folate from the diet then it may produce fewer bred loos cells, which causes anaemia. Durian is a great source of folate, along with copper and iron, helping to overcome anaemia.

13. Many people find the aroma of the fruit overpowering, as it has been known to linger for several days. You often find that foods with the most health benefits have unpleasant qualities, however that no reason to abandon durian. Try blending it into delicious smoothies with other fruits and berries.

14. When the fruit is unripe it can be unkind to the taste buds. However, a ripened fruit has a flesh which tastes like rich custard and almonds.

15. The unripe flesh is used in Southeast Asian cuisine for savoury cooking as it adds a new dimension of flavour.

16. You may also eat the seeds if you cook or boil them. They have a consistency like a chalky potato which can be quite pleasant.

17. A more modern trend is to make “durian latte’s” or “durian frappés” as the flavour can work well when mixed with coffee.

18. The mixture of nutrients and organic chemicals in the fruit function as antioxidants to fight cancer. Natural plant-based foods lie this help to relieve oxidative stress and reduce the risk of cancer long term.

19. Durian leaves are also used to make a lotion for fevers. The juice is pressed from the leaves and applied to the temples as a cooling agent.

20. In Sumatra juice from the bark of the durian plant is used to fight malaria.

21. The spiky husks from around the fruit are usually thrown away as waste. However, this can be dried and used as a fuel for fertilizers.

22. The husk is also used to make handmade artist paper which has a lovely unique pattern to it.

23. It also has a strong smell and can, therefore, be used as a mosquito repellent as these bugs hate strong aromas.

24. Pregnant women should avoid this fruit as it is a little too high in sugars and can cause digestive discomfort, however it can still be a great source of energy in very small amounts.