Health Benefits of Xylitol

The health benefits and uses of Xylitol

1. Xylitol is an alternative sweetener which tastes very similar to sugar without the harmful effects.

2. This white granulated powder is becoming very popular nowadays as is perfect to use when trying to lose weight. Insulin, the fat-storing hormone is usually triggered when we eat sugar. However, xylitol does not have this effect and is also perfect for those with diabetes.

3. It can be used in baking with other low glycaemic foods such as almond flour to make healthy cakes, bread, biscuits, pastries and pancakes.

4. Xylitol powder is considered “healthy sugar alcohol” and is made naturally from the fibrous parts of plants such as the wood of birch trees and other natural sources.

5. It is recommended by many dentists as it has the ability to regulate the Ph in the mouth. This helps to prevent plaque from sticking to the teeth. Cavity causing bacteria in the mouth does not use xylitol for fuel, as it does sugar. This protects you from cavities in the long term.

6. Xylitol also has antiviral and antibacterial effects which can prevent ear infections, especially in children.

7. Many people have also reported having better sinus health as xylitol can speed up the healing process and prevent bacteria from being fed.

8. Cut out the sugar and try alternative sweeteners such as this for better overall health in the body and longevity. Sugar is the enemy for the human body and is not needed at all in a healthy lifestyle.

9. We love to use xylitol as a sweetener in herbal teas, cakes, and in anything that traditional sugar would have been used in. It has an extremely similar taste with no aftertaste at all.

10. In some people, xylitol can make you use the toilet more often. If this is the case be sure to try erythritol or stevia to see which works best for you.

11. If you are on a ketogenic diet, then we highly recommend this sweetener as It does not cause you to fall out of ketosis. Fat burning will continue, as long as carbohydrates are kept below 20g net.